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101381 Child Abuse As A Social Issue

101381 Child Abuse as a Social Issue

Assignment Details
You are asked to develop a presentation that responds to the following question:

In what ways can the NSW child protection system address the rights of children who live in low Socio-Economic Environment. 

1. Write a 1500-word speech in response to this question in such a way that it would be read out as a speech to a professional practice audience, e.g. at a conference, a professional development day at your organisation or a practitioner team meeting.

2. Use your annotated bibliography to inform your work and help you establish a basic claim or statement about the topic and critical argument for this position, clearly stating what recommendation(s) you are suggesting to address the issue you’ve identified. Discussing one recommendation in depth with critical comment is sufficient.
3. Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources and an overall minimum of five references to support your recommendation(s). This means you can use grey literature, lecture content, workshop activities/discussion, videos, websites, etc. You should also include relevant legislation within your presentation (i.e. UNCROC [UNICEF n.d.] and NSW Children and Young Persons [Care and Protection] Act 1998 [Austlii 2021]).

4. Design PowerPoint slides that you can use to deliver your speech; a maximum of 10 slides (not including an introductory slide and a reference slide). Do not use animation or slide transitions. You are encouraged to use pie charts, graphs, icons, symbols, pictographs or any other visual elements that support your presentation.

5. Copy your speech into the ‘notes’ section under each slide.

6. Save your PowerPoint file as a PDF. For assistance completing this step, refer to How to save PowerPoint as PDF with notes (Nyugen 2019) as a guide.

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