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300053 Professional Practice

300053 Professional Practice



This report should describe and analyse the positive and negative aspects of three different procurement methods for construction projects. One conventional and two modern types of procurement are recommended for the report. Benefits and problems for the client/developer, the consultants, the builders, the subcontractors and the end-users should all be considered. A chart to compare and contrast the three choices would be helpful. You should express an opinion about the kinds of projects which are suited to the different procurement methods and make recommendations about this as if you were advising a potential owner/developer. Remember that you have ethical obligations when recommending a course of action to a potential client. Support your opinions with high quality references. You should also include a disclaimer stating that you have no conflict of interest in terms of the views you have expressed.The report must be divided into subsections and must be provided with an executive summary of one paragraph, a contents page at the beginning as well as page numbers. Referencing should conform to the WSU Harvard system.You are advised to consult the electronic journals available in the library for reference sources. Please refer to the assignment information sheet on vUWS for detailed information about the assignment

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