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A Career in Health Care Services Essay.

A Career in Health Care Services Essay.
There is a famous word “health is wealth”. I believe that health is the most important in quality of life. I am passionate about becoming a medical professional because I have been plagued by the role health is playing in our lives. I chose nursing as a profession to bring about major changes in people’s health and promote society’s positive health, I can spread my health through love, care and support. Recently I participated in the nursing program at San Francisco State University and the fact that I care is very concerned as it includes care, keeping healthy and happy condition Is good.A Career in Health Care Services Essay.
Opportunities in the field of nursing are rapidly growing, as the population of the United States ages and new healthcare laws continue to increase the demand for healthcare services. Many experts who work as certified nursing assistants or certified professional nurses will eventually return to school to become registered nurses. Registered nurses can choose to focus on areas such as intensive care, telemetry, gerontological medicine and informatics. They can also transition to management and education roles. Understand the differences in positions of CNA, LPN, RN and enable ambitious nurse to choose the best career path for himself and open the way to many interesting professional possibilities.A Career in Health Care Services Essay.
Registered nurses provide medical services to diseased and injured people (seeking healthcare business 818) to maintain health and prevent disease. Registered nurse is a nurse who acquired a bachelor’s degree in nursing, graduated from a nursing program of a university or university, passed the NCLEX national license test. – It is a very difficult decision to decide which carrier is best for you. There are many different kinds and fields and many of my interests to learn to choose from there. I have always wanted to be a nurse since I was young. When I was ten years old, my grandmother experienced a stroke in front of me. There were no other adults at home, and I had to manage this experience separately. I calmly take care of her until the emergency personnel arrive to take over medical needs.A Career in Health Care Services Essay.
Now, the medical environment of the nurse is a hospital, a clinic, family health service or an auxiliary living facility. The nurse is currently a school, correctional facility, or military medical expert. Nurses may even travel on business trips to meet the needs of care throughout the United States, while gaining experience and compensation. The nurse ‘s environment really begins to change, adding training to nurses, not only those who concentrate on helping physicians and taking a sponge bath, but also make them more respected medical staff. As responsibility increases, nurses are needed nationwide, and many women have succeeded in hospital work, not at home.A Career in Health Care Services Essay.

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