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Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper


Complete the Administrative Matrix located below. You are expected to identify and explain the functions and roles of management. This information is based on the four functions of management. By providing an example, you demonstrate an understanding of each management function.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper


Function Role of Management Example
Leading This includes interpersonal roles, subordinates within the organization, and persons external to the organization.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper Three interpersonal roles include figurehead, leader, and liaison A manager has the responsibility to lead by example within the organization. It is important to model the behavior subordinates are expected to fulfill
HCA 210 WEEK 7 Rising Health Care Costs
Write a 200- to 300-word response identifying and explaining two reasons for rising health care costs.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

What are some of the driving forces behind rising health care spending?
How do HMOs affect health care costs?
What key functions and incentives of HMOs affect costs?
Submit your Administrative Matrix Assignment assignment to your facilitator.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

HCA 210 WEEK 6 Regulatory Paper
Write a 350- to 700-word paper on one of the following laws: HIPAA (1996) or EMTALA (1986). Pretend you are a health care manager employed at a small community hospital responsible for educating your staff about HIPAA (1996) or EMTALA (1986). Include the following in your paper:Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Describe the law and its purpose.
Explain how it is enacted. For example, is it enacted by the state or federal government?
What are some key facts every employee should know about the law?Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper
What are the consequences of the organization or the employee for failing to abide by the law?
How do these regulations effect the management of employees, resources, patients, and health care?
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Submit your assignment to your facilitator.

HCA 210 WEEK 6 HIPAA Privacy Training Tutorial Summary
Resource: HIPAA Privacy Training Tutorial

Complete the HIPAA (1996) tutorial

Write a 75- to 150-word response reflecting on what you learned from this activity and submit to your facilitator.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Review BAA or RFP – determine required sections, certifications – inform PI/staff of requirements, complete/review appropriate forms, format according to instructions – prepare appropriate budget – obtain necessary signatures regarding Conflict of Interest.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Prepare cost share requests as needed and submit to the office of the Deputy Director and Vice President for Research (DDVPR) for approval.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Assist departments as required, and complete any appropriate certifications.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Receives cost share requests that have been approved by DDVPR and Finance & Accounting,

Establish overhead rates for proposals – maintain the table of Rates for Proposals and assist with the calculation of Service Center rates.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Review cost share requests forwarded from DDVPR office and forward approved requests to Office of the DDVPR.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Determine, input and maintain Promotion data in WHOIgrants for proposal salary cost calculations. Provide Generic salary information for the system.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Maintain the WHOIgrants system for budget preparation, and proposal and award databases.

Input all appropriate data into WHOIgrants – review and ensure accuracy of data. “Freeze” the Submission and “Send to GCS”.

Review budget for correctness and consistency with Budget Justification. Review internal Green Sheet information. Protect Institution from unexpected facilities and/or Cost Share expenses.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Obtain required Dept. review and approval signatures on proposal cover sheet

Obtain required Institution signatures.

Educate Principal Investigators in preparation of proposals and timely submission – allowable and allocable costs.

Submit proposals via electronic programs and/or on paper distribute electronically.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Maintain close contact with Program Managers at funding agencies.

Make and distribute required internal copies of proposals, based on “checkbox” data. (e.g., mammals/ IACUC, DNA, isotopes, export control technology). Notify appropriate internal recipients based on “checkbox” data.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Protect confidential WHOI salary information.

Protect confidential WHOI salary information. Electronic routing of salary info prohibited.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Sponsored Research Awards
Provide required cost and pricing data and respond to requests for additional data or answers to technical questions or revised budgets.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Work with contract and grant administrators to obtain awards – negotiate terms and conditions of Contracts and subawards. Obtain negotiated rate agreements.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Review internal award document and grant/contract Terms and Conditions – Review requirements and restrictions with PI. Provide revised budget(s) if needed.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Process awards – establish projects, cost share accounts – maintain award database – prepare and distribute award documents electronically.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Establish project numbers in One Solution

Inform GCS of declined proposals.

Inform Departments of declined proposals – update the database.

Prepare At-Risk forms and submit for Dept. review and approval. Submit approved forms to the office of the Deputy Director and Vice President for Research (DDVPR) for review, approval and forwarding to Finance & Accounting.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

With approved documents from Finance & Accounting Office, establish At-Risk account as needed.

Upon receipt of At-Risk forms from DDVPR, review forms and notify GCS after approval.
Project Management
Work with PI to provide justification for pre-award costs. Determine amount of pre-award costs required.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Communicate with Contract offices to obtain pre-award cost authorization. Establish projects (or suspense) for costs.

Prepare all financial reports for agencies.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Draw down funds and handle all wire transfers and billing – Accounts Receivable

Review financial statements on a regular basis – determine that funds are spent according to terms and conditions of award Uniform Guidance 2CFR200 (approve expenses, monitor time cards).Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Maintain a system that will provide necessary financial information for project management (FSRs).

Educate PIs in allowable, allocable, and reasonableness requirements of all charges to sponsored research projects and in WHOI policies and procedures.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Educate PIs in allowable, allocable, and reasonableness requirements of all charges to sponsored research projects and in WHOI policies and procedures.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Assist PIs with all questions regarding sponsored research procedures, Federal Government rules and regulations, and the solving of problems related to research goals.

Assist Department Administrators with post award issues.

Assist Department Administrators with post award issues.

Work with PI to provide justification for no-cost extensions – ensure request is made according to terms and conditions of the award.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Process no-cost extension requests.

Assist PIs to determine the best – and allowable – use of funds when nearing project expiration.

Remind/encourage PI to complete progress and final technical reports as required by Award. Track annual/final report submissions for compliance.

Collect and coordinate all closeout documents required by agency – verify cost share – close out sponsored research projects – retain files as required by law.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Prepare final financial report.

Subawards to Others
Prepare purchase requisition and related documentation for subawards.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Prepare subaward document – negotiate with subrecipients. Obtain negotiated rate agreements.

Assist PI with approving invoice payments and monitoring completion of work and/or deliverables by subrecipient.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Process subaward invoices – monitor expenses – obtain closeout documents – perform desk audit.

Monitor subrecipient Uniform Guidance 2CFR200 complilance.

WHOI Budgets and Audits
Prepare the MTDC (Modified Total Direct Costs) base budgets and all associated department budgets that are the foundation for Institution budgets.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Prepare annual Sponsored Research forecast and backlog reports.

Develop annual overhead and unrestricted budgets.

Assist in providing answers to questions from audit – proactively ensure that policies are followed and project costs are allowable.

Provide proposal and contract documents when requested by audit.

Oversee annual audits – work with the auditors, provide answers and training to auditors regarding WHOI policies – protect WHOI from large decisions regarding unallowable costs.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

Take responsibility to rollout to departments any new procedures and/or processes which result in new regulations and any audit findings.Administrative Matrix Assignment Paper

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