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Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper

Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper

Harmonizing to WHO, instances of dementedness is increasingly increasing, with about 7.7 million new instances every twelvemonth. Singapore is a state that is known for the aging population. Harmonizing to Wong and Landefeld ( 2011 ) , Singapore is one of the fastest-aging states in the universe, with grownups aged 65 and older accounting for 8.7 % of the population in 2009, and anticipated to increase by 20 % over the following 20 old ages. As mentioned by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports ( MCYS ) , the Ag tsunami will be hitting Singapore by the twelvemonth 2030. This means that the state will see a important leap in the aged population, from 8.8 % in 2009 to 18.7 % in 2030 ( MCYS, 2012 ) . With the quickly increasing figure of aging people, the figure of patients with dementedness will be expected to increase every bit good. Most people will be given to tie in old age with Dementia. However, Dementia is non a natural portion of aging as most elder people will ne’er acquire Dementia. In order to maintain up with the increasing demand dementedness attention, Singapore is supplying more aid and services to this group of people and their households. In this article, the author will discourse about the unwellness, the services external bureaus and nursing staff can supply and recommendations for future services. Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper


What is Dementia?

Harmonizing to SingHealth ( 2013 ) , Dementia is defined as a group of marks such as loss of memory, impaired opinion, freak out and behavioral alterations. It is besides mentioned that due to impairment in the map of the encephalon, societal and occupational activities will be affected. This means that the individual will non be able to interact every bit good as earlier and their Activities of Daily Living ( ADLs ) will be compromised every bit good. Harmonizing to Moore ( 2009 ) , some of the early marks and symptoms of dementedness may include forgetfulness, freak out and losing path of clip. WHO ( 2012 ) besides stated some marks and symptoms in the center or ulterior phase of dementedness, which includes: holding trouble in communications, behavioral alterations such as roving and repeated inquiring, increasing demand for assisted ego attention and may even hold trouble in walking. There is no known remedy for dementedness presently, but medical promotions have resulted in increased cognition and interventions to assist with the status. Harmonizing to Ham ( 2010 ) , medicines do non bring around but decelerate down and cut down symptoms in mild to chair dementedness. Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper

Effectss of Dementia

Hamel ( 2013 ) mentioned that dementedness could take to a assortment of jobs other than the disease itself. The impact on the societal interactions is important, particularly when a dementedness patient loses his or her ability to see the effects of their actions in the populace. They are besides more likely to be unable to go on a long conversation with the possible short-run memory lost and short attending span as a consequence of the disease procedure. It is besides good to observe that patients enduring from dementedness lose the ability to take attention of their activities of day-to-day lifes ( ADLs ) . This can take to frustration originating from losing their ability to take control, every bit good as on the health professionals whom they have to take full duty in basic ADLs of patients. Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper

The impact of dementedness does non halt at patients themselves. WHO ( 2012 ) stated that ” physical, emotional and economic force per unit areas can do great emphasis to households and health professionals ” . As mentioned by Krishnamoorthy, Prince and Cummings ( 2010 ) , household members supplying attention for dementedness patients are at a really high hazard of developing affectional upsets such as anxiousness and major depression. This is an index to the challenges and jobs faced by the health professionals that cause physical and mental burnout. Harmonizing to Wang, Shyu, Chen & A ; Yang ( 2011 ) , work demands can impact health professional ‘s function strain due to troubles in beguiling with work and caregiving functions, and depressive symptoms because of work inflexibleness. Depressive symptoms are farther elaborated by a survey conducted by Shanley, Russell, Middleton & A ; Simpson-Young ( 2011 ) . The survey mentioned that health professionals can experience lonely as their household and friends might go forth them, at the same clip they are confronting the fact of losing their loved 1s, which are the dementedness patients. So in order to pull off with these impacts, society and households have adopted some ways to get by and pull off the patients. Harmonizing to Tew, Tan, Luo, Ng and Yap ( 2011 ) , many Singaporeans have hired foreign domestic assistants to take attention of their ageing parents. However, harmonizing to Mace and Rabins ( 2011 ) , in world it is hard for the domestic assistants who are non familiar to the house and the patient to take attention of the patient and the house. A reappraisal conducted by Vliet, Vugt, Bakker, Koopmans and Verhey ( 2010 ) , mentioned that health professionals experience high degrees of load and depressive symptoms. Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper

Current Servicess Available

To maintain up with the fast ripening and Dementia population, authorities, private and voluntary organisations have implemented many services to help this group of people and their households. These services include Dementia twenty-four hours attention Centres, Intermediate-and-Long-Term-Care ( ILTC ) , respite attention, caregiver preparation, support groups and more. One of the many organisations is the Alzheimer ‘s Disease Association ( ADA ) . This is a voluntary public assistance organisation ( VWO ) that provides dementedness attention, caregiver support and advancing consciousness of dementedness. It offers twenty-four hours attention services for people with dementedness to supply alleviation to health professionals, provides physical therapy and occupational therapy, health professional support, preparation and many more services.

Another service is the Singapore Silver Pages ( SSP ) , which was launched by the Agency for Integrated Care ( AIC ) in February 2011 to enable the aged and their health professionals to hold easy entree to trusted information for long-run attention. AIC besides collaborated with the Centre for Enabled Living ( CEL ) in November 2012 to develop an updated version of the SSP. This will let the aged and health professionals entree to wellness and societal information on eldercare so that the aged can age gracefully in the community. SSP besides offers Dementia Day Care Centre ( DDCC ) services for people with dementedness to develop and care for themselves every bit much as possible during the twenty-four hours as their health professionals will be busy with work and other committednesss. DDCC besides trains health professionals to care of dementedness patients. These DDCC include Sunlove Home ‘s DDCC and the Sunshine Welfare Action Mission ( SWAMI ) DDCC. Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper

There are besides services available to the patients ‘ doorsills. For illustration like the Comfort Keepers group where it is dedicated in supplying in-home attention for Alzheimer ‘s dementedness. The aid that Comfort Keepers provide for the patients will be helping the patients in dressing and preparing, assisting the patient with communicating, bettering eating wonts, heightening place safety and reprieve attention for health professionals.

In the infirmaries there are besides Dementia Care Nurse Clinicians ; such as in Tan Tock Seng Hospital ‘s ( TTSH ) memory clinic where they will measure the behavioural, functional and societal position of freshly referred patients. The Nurse Clinicians besides provide reding and instruction to health professionals of patients diagnosed with dementedness, and offer telephone advice to health professionals who require follow-up reappraisal and support. This is a good and effectual manner for nurses to follow-up with the patients ‘ status at place and allows health professionals to hold entree to professional aid should they necessitate it. This can in turn aid to cut down health professional emphasis and to place jobs to measure if the patient needs to be brought to infirmary for intervention. Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper

In Khoo Teck Puat Hospital ( KTPH ) , there is a dementia support group where health professionals can hold treatments with the dementedness attention squad of the infirmary. This is a free service provided by the infirmary one time every bi-monthly to turn to issues that range from get bying with dementedness and occupational therapy. The infirmary besides has a Memory and Dementia clinic to supply outpatient services and intervention for dementedness patients.

In the Institute of Mental Health ( IMH ) , similar services are besides available for the aged and dementia patients. There is a psychogeriatric clinic located in the specializer clinic within the infirmary and besides at the orbiter clinics located in the heartlands where professional aid can be provided to patients populating in the country without holding to go the distance to the infirmary. IMH will besides be holding a dementia-friendly inmate ward in the close hereafter, where it is designed to provide to the demands of dementedness patients to better ease their intervention and promote quality of life during their stay in the ward. Mental wellness nurses will be able to supply enhanced attention for the patients in an environment that is contributing to accomplish the best result possible for the patients. IMH besides offers community outreach services like the Aged Psychiatric Community Assessment and Treatment Service ( APCATS ) where it has two programmes, viz. APCATS Clinical Service ( CS ) and Regional Eldercare Agencies Partnership ( REAP ) . APCATS comprises of a multidisciplinary squad to supply services like appraisal in the patient ‘s place, intervention of symptoms, psycho-education for patient and health professionals, instance direction to intercede with appropriate services when required and home medicine bringing. APCATS services are available to patients who are remaining in most parts of Singapore and fiscal aid is available to destitute households. This allows patients to be seen and reviewed in the comfort of their ain places without holding to step out, particularly for people with transit and mobility jobs where they are non able to go to the clinics for assignments. REAP is a partnership between APCATS, community eldercare bureaus and primary attention practicians to run into the psychosocial demands of the aged in the community. Training and support are given to these groups to better pull off the mental upsets of the aged, to enable early sensing and promote consciousness of mental upsets in the aged. Changi General Hospital ( CGH ) besides provides similar services to APCATS. It is known as the Community Psychogeriatric Programme ( CPGP ) which supports patients in the eastern portion of Singapore. Harmonizing to Boyd ( 2009 ) , the end of in-home and community-based long-run attention is to maintain patients in a self-acting environment that provides the best home-like milieus possible, guarantee patients and health professional are given the power to take the services, and encourages engagement of the health professionals without holding to set a strain on household resources. Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper. As mentioned by Byrne and Neville ( 2010 ) , an incorporate infirmary and community theoretical account allows critical continuity of attention for the patients. It is further explained that through this theoretical account the infirmary and community squads can use their cognition to measure if the patient is able to be discharged to the community or to be admitted for inpatient intervention. Harmonizing to a survey by Wang, Chien and Lee ( 2012 ) , common support groups are effectual in offering psychosocial support to health professionals. It is besides noted that there are limited surveies done in Asiatic populations on this topic.

The Ministry of Health ( MOH ) has besides extended Medisave use in intervention of dementedness from November 2011. This allows affordability for patients and households to pull off the status.

Nursing Homes

There are some patients who have unluckily been rejected by their households or that the households are non able to care for the patients at place. Therefore nursing places are being set up to suit these patients, either subsidised by the authorities, VWOs or households who are able to afford to pay for professional attention provided by the nursing places. Harmonizing to MOH, the aged can be admitted to a nursing place if they require nursing attention, aid in ADLs and have no health professionals. However, non all nursing places are able to house dementedness patients in their premises. This is due to the environment and design of the nursing place that might non be contributing for dementedness patients. Merely a limited figure of nursing places, like Apex Harmony Lodge, Peacehaven Nursing Home, Sunlove Home, United Medicare Centre, to call a few, supply dementia-specific installations. Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper.


The nursing places provide short-run, long term and reprieve attention for the patients and their households. They besides provide twenty-four hours attention services for working health professionals who are non able to care for the patients in the twenty-four hours. Within these nursing places there are besides limited Numberss of dementedness patients that they can accept. This farther restricts the figure of patients who are able to have these services. In position of the fast increasing figure of dementedness patients in Singapore, specialized dementedness nursing places could be built to suit these patients. Advanced Mental Health Nursing Essay Paper

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