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Alternate Living Environments.

Alternate Living Environments.
During Part 1 of the Alternate Living Environments assignment, you selected an alternative living facility in your community and presented an overview of that facility. The assignment for Week Six provides you with the opportunity to learn more about that facility. Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper after you complete an interview with the facility administrator.

Is there a waiting list for your facility? At Charlestown the facility Assisted Living has a waiting list and Skilled Nursing does not.

How are new demographics affecting your facility? The new demographics affecting the facility are housing market.  The housing market affects the Independent living. Poor housing sales in the community often affects the resident’s ability to pay the entrance deposits. This has an impact on ALF and SNF as well. Additionally, the retirement of baby boomers is changing the way they do business. Some examples include: improved immunities such as technology, and larger spaces, etc.

What marketing methods do you use to promote your facility? The marketing methods include: Television, web based, social media, print media, personal outreach coordinator, hospital liaisons, events that are open to the public and professionals, continuing educational opportunities as well as fairs and carnivals. Alternate Living Environments.


Whom is the primary payer source—out-of-pocket or private pay, insurance coverage, Medicare, or Medicaid? The primary payer sources are I.L (private pay, ALF (private pay), long term care insurance, benevolent care fund, SNF (private pay (long term care), Medicare (short stay), Managed care (short stay), Medicaid (For residents who meet financial eligibility) and Long term care insurance.


Are there any personal or nursing care services available in your living environment? Yes there is all levels of care from IL through certified home health or home support, ALF- is Full time staff 240/day, SNF- Full time staff 240/day


What is the staff or organizational structure that supports the services available in your facility? The staff or organizational structure is 1300 employees on campus. There are 450 employees in the continuing care ALF/SNF? All disciplines including: nursing dining housekeeping, social work, physicians, programming, administrative, etc. Corporate partners assist with management and support services. Alternate Living Environments.


Are there any special amenities, such as a barber, beauty shop, or ice cream parlor? The are several special amenities such as: restaurants, stores, barber shop, beauty salon, fitness center, pools, putting course, theater, T.V. and creative arts studio, bus and ambo service, medical center, conference facilities, library, model railroad room, computer lab with high-speed internet and woodworking and hobby shop. You also have access to these essential services: An onsite medical center staffed by full time physicians, convenience store, bank and ATM, On-site pharmacy, offering free delivery right to your doorstep.


If there are no special services on site, is transportation provided to nearby service facilities? There are no special services on site however, while most services are available on the campus transportation is still available through the numerous of buses that are provided.


What recreational opportunities are available? Provide a list of opportunities. The recreational opportunities is IL-over 100 clubs the sports and fitness this includes: Ball room dancing, walking club, Charlestown fishing club, Bocce ball, Wii Entertainment group, Charlestown steppers and Charlestown sluggers and ALF/SNF- full programming calendar of events. Social clubs include: Pet lovers association, wine appreciation groups, New Yorker’s club, Charlestown Jewish community, Poet’s corner, Elderhostel life long Institute (ELLIC), Midweek Matinees and weekly movies, Mah Jong players, Nature trail committee, Knights of Columbus, and treasures unlimited. Some Hobbies include: Chapel Concert series, Community television, Wood Shop and Carving of Charlestown, Black Swan Yacht Club, Garden Club, Little Theater company, and Charlestown film library


What technological issues or challenges are present at the facility? Some of the technological issues or challenges is the campus is over 30 years old and the ALF/SNF institutional model. Repositioning the plan over the next five years to build a newer ALF and SNF as well as adding new products such as memory care. Program changes include: transition to person centered approach. Culture change is also a challenge because it will take 5-7 years. Alternate Living Environments.


How do you anticipate health care reform will affect your facility? The Health care Reform will affect in the following ways: Anticipated changes and reductions in Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement. Affects part time and PRN (flex) staff. This law limits the number of hours staff can work in a week and the health insurance premiums will affect the residents and staff.


What improvements would you, the administrator, like make to the facility in the future? The improvements that I would and the administrator would like to make to the facility is focusing on three pronged. People – training in person centered Approach. Plant repositioning the new ALF/SNF as well as improving the Program – the culture change journey over 5-7 years.


Is there any current research in the field or study of gerontology that might affect the future planning for your facility, perhaps related to demographic data, health, and well being? The current research is market-based research on what consumers want from senior living communities.

Include a minimum of five peer-reviewed references to support your information. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Alternate Living Environments assignment.

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