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American Nurses Association Essay.

American Nurses Association Essay.


The American Nurses Association was formed the year 1897. It has its headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, in the United States of America. In the US, it represents nurses and actively engages in developing nursing practice standards, promoting nurses rights at the workplace and generally advancing nurses economic and professional welfare. To join the ANA, one needs to be a nurse under his/her state nursing association. To enroll for membership, you login to  and under ANA membership, click Join ANA and follow the prompt.American Nurses Association Essay.


The membership cost now stands at $15 per month or alternatively, $174 annually.

When one joins a professional organization, he/she becomes an active and informed participant within his/her profession. However, a major disadvantage lies in the payment of fees among other expenses and pressures (Tastan, et al., 2014). Besides, attending meetings can be time consuming, which is another disadvantage. The American Nurses Association also provides continuous education with an aim of improving care, developing skills and achieving greater knowledge. A perfect example of one such unit is that of disaster response and preparedness. The American Nurses Association has an advocacy role which it considers to be a pillar of nursing. Political lobbying aims at advancing the care of patients and advancing the nursing profession. To effectively achieve its agendas on political lobbying, it has the political action committee, which shares with congress concerns on some of the difficulties that healthcare consumers and the nursing profession face.American Nurses Association Essay.

When one is a member of the American Nurses Association, after every 5 years, one is required to renew his/her membership certificate. This renewal is evidence of professional knowledge expansion and evidence of continuous competence. To renew certification with the ANA, one can submit an application for renewal a year prior to the expiry date of one’s certification to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (Donley & Flaherty, 2012).  Alternatively, he/she can login to the online account, click on certifications link, select the certification to renew and clicking the renewal link. The mission of the American Nurses Association is to advance the nursing profession and achieve improved health for every citizen. Its vision is to make all nurses powerful and a uniting force through active engagements with healthcare consumers and transformation of healthcare and health (Donley & Flaherty, 2012).   Since the American Nurses Association does not have a student membership, I will consider becoming a student subscriber now which is free. The association acknowledges nursing students as tomorrow’s leaders and is therefore ready to support students each step of the way. This way, I will have access to a lot of resources.



Donley, R., & Flaherty, M. J. (2012). Revisiting the American Nurses Association’s first position on education for nurses. Online J Issues Nurs, 7(2), 2.

Tastan, S., Linch, G. C., Keenan, G. M., Stifter, J., McKinney, D., Fahey, L., & Wilkie, D. J. (2014). Evidence for the existing American Nurses Association-recognized standardized nursing terminologies: A systematic review. International journal of nursing studies, 51(8), 1160-1170.American Nurses Association Essay.

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