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Application of Nursing Research in Practice Essay.

Application of Nursing Research in Practice Essay.

Nursing research plays an intricate part in current nursing practice, and the future of nursing practice. Understanding the importance of research can only further benefit your nursing career. This course has provided an excellent baseline to understanding, and comprehending how research is used in nursing. Application of Nursing Research in Practice Essay.By exploring the exemplars and cases in this course, I will be able to use my knowledge of research to further explore clinical knowledge, applications, and the outcomes of patient’s diagnoses. I will also utilize the knowledge of risks and risk factors to promote evidence based practice, because through this course, I now have more than a generalization of this concept.


Research in nursing creates better patient advocates, which is what all nurses should strive to become. It allows us to ascertain new and important knowledge about what our patient’s may experience. Going through the two textbooks required in this course, we learn about the different types of research, and how each type is used, and why it was used for each study. This is important to understand as nurses, in that, certain situations may arise that allows us to recall the knowledge provided in this course. For example, in my own practice, I could use research regarding post-surgical procedures and sepsis or post-surgical urinary tract infections to aid in prevention. Understanding the evidence and statistical analysis for these findings would be highly beneficial for my own hospital unit. Application of Nursing Research in Practice Essay.

It is very important that nurses stay up to date in our knowledge of nursing practice and research development. Understanding pathophysiology, risk and benefits, and research development is crucial to providing quality care in evidence based practice. This course has been and will continue to be a valuable asset to current and future nursing practice.


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