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Behavioral Theory Essay Assignment Papers.

Behavioral Theory Essay Assignment Papers.
Public health interventions are now guided primarily by theoretical frameworks. There is a strong correlation between behavior and how it influences attitudes and beliefs about health issues. The relationship is complex and includes several aspects including individual environmental, social, and political factors.Behavioral Theory Essay Assignment Papers.
For this assignment, conduct a literature review of journal articles, not more than three-years old, on a smoking cessation program. Write a 5–6-page paper in Microsoft Word format.Behavioral Theory Essay Assignment Papers.
Include the following:

Describe the selected smoking cessation program and the behavioral theory that provided the foundation for the program.
Examine how the behavioral theory was selected for the specific target population.
Explain whether you agree or disagree with the selected behavioral theory and list two other behavioral health models that you might have used to address this issue.Behavioral Theory Essay Assignment Papers.
Provide examples of how the authors of the journal articles you reviewed incorporated components of the theoretical framework into the planning and implementation processes and then explain the significance of the selected theoretical framework.Behavioral Theory Essay Assignment Papers.

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