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Benefits of Obamas Healthcare Reform Essay

Benefits of Obama’s Healthcare Reform Essay

Despite the contentious nature of the debate on health care in America, the fact remains that President Obama’s healthcare reform represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve the lives of all Americans. This means both the uninsured as well as the insured. For all Americans, health insurance represents peace of mind. Having good insurance means no worries for you or your family. However, even with present day insurance, most American families are just one major illness away from bankruptcy which is why changes need to be made in the current system.Benefits of Obama’s Healthcare Reform Essay

Disease will never be eliminated, but healthcare reform will give all Americans access to quality and affordable health insurance, so that they will have the best chance of getting better without going into massive debt. Under the current system insurance companies have and exercise all the power. They are legally allowed to pick and choose who gets a policy. They can also deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. Or they can grant coverage at premiums that most people really cannot afford. These insurance companies also offer plans that seem to grant coverage but don’t. Americans are forced into situations of having to stay at a lousy job in order to maintain their insurance coverage. It is not unusual to wake up from surgery for a covered illness only to find that the coverage came up a $100,000 short on payment. The individual is liable for the shortfall.Benefits of Obama’s Healthcare Reform Essay


Obama’s healthcare reform will switch things up giving the American people choice and control over their health care, because healthcare reform instills competition into the market place. It will no longer be an industry wide monopoly of controlled pricing and coverage designated by strangers. Some of the changes that will come with Obama’s healthcare reform will include closing the gap for older children. This means a person who has been covered on his parents insurance can stay covered until he afford his own after graduation. Presently this drop in coverage is determined by age.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are currently unable to afford coverage for themselves, let alone coverage for any employees that they may have. Obama’s healthcare reform will change this by making small business coverage much easier to obtain and keep, again without breaking the bank or forcing the business to drop coverage. In its present state American healthcare is a ticking time bomb that is that slowing destroying the country and that by 2040 healthcare costs, if not addressed now, will eat up 34% of the gross domestic product. Right now the GDP stands at a hard to manage 20%. In other words, the situation is already shaky and getting worse.Benefits of Obama’s Healthcare Reform Essay

Obama’s healthcare reform mandates that more attention be paid to prevention and wellness as well as new technology to allow the industry to deliver service at affordable prices. Imagine a system where the doctor spends more time keeping you healthy with new methods, treatments and information, then he or she does in treating any illness. The status quo is not an option as some politicians claim because 14,000 people lose their health insurance every single day. This is on top of the 46-million who are already uninsured for various reasons. Obama’s healthcare reform will answer most of these problems when it gets congressional approval.Benefits of Obama’s Healthcare Reform Essay

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