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Business Employment

Business Employment


Study your company of employment or your own business, or company. You may go down to the level of an office, department, or section.  (PHARMACY SETTING)
2.  Perform a study on the core business process or process flows;
3. Identify which of the seven modules would fit best in terms of applicability;
* decision analysis
*network models
*inventory models
*queuing theory
*markov analysis

4. Contents must be:
a. Company Profile (minimum of 100 words) – 15 POINTS
b. Business Process or Procedures or Department under study with thorough discussion; (minimum of 300 words) 15 POINTS
c. Quantitative Method Applicable with Discussion – (minimum of 200 words) 20 POINTS
d. Sample/s of method application – 25 POINTS
5. Minimum of 1000 words for the entire paper

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