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Business EMS Development

Business EMS Development



Reflection on 2 readings. You must write in your own words (do NOT copy and paste from the source). If there is a need to use the exact phrase or sentence then it should be enclosed in quotation marks with proper reference provided. Focus on the main point/idea raised in the article. Do NOT just summarise the articles, you need to link what you learned from the article to your own project and be specific with example (if possible). Avoid general statements.The introduction should give an overview of the paper and the rest of the paper should logically step through. You should cover the key points of the readings and provide an analysis with examples. The aim of the reflective assignment present the key points from the readings, and to critically analyse the readings in the context of your EMS project (which is the development of an EMS for an olive oil mill). Please ensure you apply the readings to your project using specific and practical examples. This can be through discussion of EMS development approaches and/or by referring to specific elements of the EMS itself and what you plan to do in developing the elements.

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