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Business Management

Business Management



•    Company outline, to give me a good idea of what company you are analyzing.•    Give one clear example for each of the five aspects of the Marketing Orientation that shows how the company’s performance is improved by developing that aspect.  For example: if the company has developed their corporate culture into a well-defined and notable culture, how does that impact their performance?  Don’t tell me about their culture, tell me how they are a better company because they have that culture.  Another example: identify something the company does which is part of Customer Orientation, and explain how it improves their bottom line.  If there is nothing to say about one or two of the aspects (because you couldn’t find anything and you think that they have not really developed that aspect of the Marketing Orientation), then try to explain why, in your opinion, the organization hasn’t developed that aspect as much as they have developed the other aspects.•    Which companies will you compare your subject company with?  In what aspects of the Marketing Orientation are these other  companies superior?  Why are they superior (explain in just one or two sentences for each company)?•    Give at least one practical recommendation to improve your subject company’s performance.  How will that suggestion work?

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