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Chemistry Claim Assignment

Chemistry Claim Assignment

Chemistry Claim Assignment – Essays will be graded on your ability to identify and communicate how key requirements of experimental design apply to the prompt. Don’t worry if you have a different response from your friends and study group, there is more than one correct answer to each prompt.  Your work must be your own.Chemistry Claim Assignment


We strongly recommend that you use the attached template for preparing your essays


Lab Instructor

Lab Section

Date. Chemistry Claim Assignment





Replace this text with the key claim(s) you have identified in the essay prompt.  You should be able to state the claim(s) clearly in one or two sentences.


Proposed Experiment:


Replace this text with a 300-500 word essay describing an experiment that would provide strong evidence in evaluating the claim you have identified above.  This should not be a procedure or a research paper discussing or reviewing the topic.  Instead, focus on elements of the design of an experiment a chemist could conduct in a laboratory to test the claim.  Include details such as what you would measure, how you would measure it, how you would evaluate the data, and what the results would mean.  Consider discussing limitations of the experiment or ways to further strengthen the experiment.  Be sure to cite your references using the APA format (in text citations and references list).Chemistry Claim Assignment


This is a chemistry class.  Think about ways to test the claim using chemistry.  For example, if a claim related to the amount of caffeine in coffee, it would be better to chemically measure the amount of caffeine than to survey participants on how much it helped wake them up.  Do a little research on how that could be done.Chemistry Claim Assignment

[# of words]References:

Replace this text with your references. Chemistry Claim Assignment

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