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Community Care Application Assignment.

Community Care Application Assignment.

Read the Community Care scenario, located in the Allied Health Community. Be sure to review the Instructions and Legend information.

In a total of 250-500 words, respond to the questions located in the Community Care scenario.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. Community Care Application Assignment.

Type of Care Provided


Care provided in this capacity is done through clinics such as 24-hour urgent care centers and minute

clinics provided through local pharmacies or community locations. These facilities increase access to

care at affordable rates and in convenient locations. Community Care Application Assignment.

You are the Director of Human Resources for a small rural care center. Your Care Center Administrator

(CNA) visited your office today with some issues regarding the high turnover of CNAs in all seven nursing

wings. She has been experiencing this phenomenon with her CNAs the past 3 months, thus decr



overall patient quality care, along with adversely affecting the labor budget due to numerous call-offs

from the CNAs. When added to the high cost of using registered nurses, this is a serious issue. None

of her nursing supervisors can explain the reasons for the turnover, but only provide feedback that your

organization is hiring the “bad ones.” She is asking for your ideas on how the car

e center can recruit and


retain more talented and devoted CNAs.

You perform an immediate cursory assessment of the turnover and determine that, at the current rate,

there will be 100% loss/turnover of CNAs this year. This initiates an emergency meeting with the Administrator, Director of Nursing, the Assistant Directors of Nursing, the Staffing Coordinator/Scheduler,

and three charge nurses. The purpose of the meeting is to determine why your facility is losing so many CNAs, especially when compared to similar care centers in the area. Community Care Application Assignment.

Question 1

In your capacity as Director of Human Resources, what steps would you take to determine why the

employees are leaving? How will you be able to identify if this is a management issue, labor market issue,

compensation issue, or a combination of issues? What questions would you ask team members? Are these questions different for each role? What strategies from the assigned course reading would you implement?

Question 2

What questions would you ask team members? Are the questions different for each role? What strategies from the assigned course reading would you implement? Community Care Application Assignment.

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