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Community Health Nursing Discussion Paper.

Community Health Nursing Discussion Paper.

Identify the presenting problem or problems for each person and as a family?

Mrs. Sanchez is psychologically stressed from taking care of her grandchildren and husband. Mr. Sanchez has physical problems including a recent stroke; the behavior of both Tony and Maria play a factor. Tony has been getting into trouble by being disrespectful to his teachers as well as not doing his homework. Community Health Nursing Discussion Paper.Maria is very quiet and is slowly withdrawing herself from others. The families’ environmental setting has played a major role in the family dynamic as well as the ability to accommodate Mr. Sanchez’s physical needs within the home. “Research into FamHc shows positive impact for families. Based on the increased evidence in the literature on positive outcomes of paying attention to families in health care, FamHC may facilitate building a trusting relationship with families that have a family member living in a residential home. This may result in families becoming more confident with the situation and lead to a better relationship with the nurses. A good relationship may also contribute to a psychosocial well-being of the family member living at the residential home” (Dorell, 2017).

Identify the client’s. What are you visualizing from the information in the scenario?

Mrs. Sanchez , b. Mr. Sanchez, c. The Sanchez family, d. Tony, e. Maria

Mrs. Sanchez is a 68-year old woman who cleans apartments on the side for extra money and takes care of her grandchildren. Mr. Sanchez is a 77-year old man who is retired post office worker who recently just had a stroke. Tony is a 13-year-old teenager who lost his parents in an accident, and his is not doing well at school (respecting authority/not doing his homework). Maria is a 10-year-old girl who lost her parents in an accident. She is very quiet and seems to be withdrawing. The family dynamics is very interesting. The grandparents were not hoping to take on a parenting role again. Mrs. Sanchez is really stressed not only about this situation but the situation with her husband’s physical condition. Community Health Nursing Discussion Paper.She really has no idea what to do. She and her family need some help in order to overcome these situations.

Identify the Current Stressors for each person in this case?

Mrs. Sanchez current stressors include a role transition of being a parent again and not a grandparent She is psychologically overwhelmed. Mr. Sanchez stressor includes the physical condition of his stroke as well as his ADLs. Tony’s stressors include his suspension and how he assaulted another boy. Maria’s stressor includes her withdrawal and not interacting with her peers. Another factor is the family’s environment. Their house only has one bathroom that is on the second flood. The first family stressor includes the death of the children’s parents. Another family stressor is a delay in grief reaction. With so much going on in the lives of this family, it is very challenging to take a moment to help with their grief. It may seem like there is no time for grief.

What Information do you want to know? Is there more information to gather, if so WHAT and your rationale for the WHAT?

Some of the important pieces of information to know is what language does this family speak. Another piece of information includes any follow up information about Mr. Sanchez. Another piece of information to know includes the family’s different roles. Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez will have to take on the role of being parents again. Are both of these individuals ready for this role again? “A family crisis occurs when the family is not able to cope with an event or multiple events and becomes disorganized or dysfunctional. When the demands of the situation exceed the resources of the family, a family crisis exists” (Stancope, 2017, p. 627). Without the proper interventions this can be an ongoing process within the family dynamics. It is essential to prevent this from happening so that optimal family functioning can be achieved.Community Health Nursing Discussion Paper.


What resources would you implement for all parties in this case?

The first thing I would implement is to do a family assessment. This includes information about why the other Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez’s other children are not helping as well as other social support networks (friendships/religious). Another resource to implement is to get home health involved in the plan of care for Mr. Sanchez. This would allow Mr. Sanchez to get the appropriate care to help him with his stroke. This can include home health, physical therapy and even occupational therapy. This would help alleviate some of the stress off of Mrs. Sanchez. Mrs. Sanchez needs some respite care. Finding a resource and social support system would greatly enhance her overall well-being. Another resource to implement is to get a school counselor to see the children. The children have been through a lot and could. The children could even benefit from tutoring, and even counseling. Another resource is to get the social worker involved. The social worker can find ways to help the family with food, medical resources, social security, and other activities to help improve the family dynamic. Another strategy to implement is to help the family find coping mechanisms to help them through their daily struggles.

Identify attitudes and stereotypes toward aging and older adults?


It seems as if the older adult has more stereotypes than any other age group. Stereotyping places a stigma on a particular aspect about a group of people no matter if it is true. This stigma about the older adult then becomes fact. Every person starts believing these myths. As nurses we need to nip stereotyping and attitudes about aging in the bud. The older adult population can give immense wisdom and knowledge about many areas physical, mental and spiritual health. This is based off the older adult’s experience. “Stereotypes of aging in contemporary culture, particularly North America, are primarily negative, depicting later life as a time of ill health, loneliness, dependency, and poor physical and mental functioning. However, stereotypes of ageing can also be positive (e.g., healthy, wealthy, and wise) or neutral and they are continually changing over time and across contexts. Community Health Nursing Discussion Paper.Views of old age, and the perceptions older adults hold of themselves, are complex, multidimensional, and dynamic. In other words, stereotypes of aging are social constructs that are culturally and historically situated, as well as individually interpreted” (Dionigi, 2015).  Another stereotype is that an older adult is too old to take care of their grandchildren. An older adult is capable in help rearing grandchildren.





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