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Concept Paper Nursing Assignment Paper

Concept Paper Nursing Assignment Paper


Concept paper nursing assignment: Choice for the Final Paper Review the Final Paper criteria in Week Six of the course.  Choose a country not covered in this course for your Final Paper.


  Make sure you choose one that has enough information to assess.Concept Paper Nursing Assignment Paper  In 200-300 words, describe the country you have chosen and list at least three sources that you will be able to use to extract the information necessary for the Final Paper. In Week 4, you will present an outline and concept paper of the country you have chosen for instructor feedback.Concept Paper Nursing Assignment Paper

Part II

Concept Paper Submission

The primary purpose of the Concept Paper is to obtain instructor feedback to ensure that you are on track with the completion of your country health care analysis. The complete instructions for the country of your choice not covered in this course and analyze its health system in terms of cost, quality, and access to care- can be found in Week Six of the online course.Concept Paper Nursing Assignment Paper


Concept paper nursing assignment

The Concept Paper is a draft version of your Final Paper with the initial list of relevant scholarly sources. In this draft, be certain to include and (at least) briefly address the content of the headings listed in the Final Paper instructions for Week Six.  Remember, your concept paper is a draft, NOT the final product. Submit your Concept Paper with the required headings to your instructor by the end of this week. Your country analysis should have an outline to the following elements:Concept Paper Nursing Assignment Paper

Impact on vulnerable population (elderly, children, mental ill, etc)
Women’s health and maternal child health
Disease management of communicable and non-communicable diseases
The theory and practice of health promotion
Behavioral and lifestyle factors that affect health and illness


Include appropriate comparison and contrasts with the health systems of countries that were covered in this course. Lastly, incorporate data and statistics to tell your story.Concept Paper Nursing Assignment Paper

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