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Correlation of Nutrition Health Essay

Correlation of Nutrition Health Essay

The Correlation of Health Plan Surveys and Quality Standards The standards of care makes a real difference to the quality of our lives, whether we are the patients or the relatives of those who are. Because of budget constraints, nurses are now forced to be a jack-of-all-trades and management is placing resources wherever the need is greatest. Qualitative measures must be scrutinized in order to produce satisfactory results when considering the best care possible for our nation.
Sentara CarePlex Hospital After reviewing Sentara CarePlex Hospital in Hampton, Virginia, I noticed that an area that greatly needs improvement is the response of medical personnel to patients need for help.  Correlation of Nutrition Health Essay
In one of the cases investigated, Campbell found that: “Mrs. R, a dementia patient, was not given a bath or shower during 13 weeks at Southampton University Hospitals NHS trust. She was not helped to eat, despite being unable to feed herself, and suffered nine falls, only one of which was recorded in her notes”. This is a classic case of a patient that is denied prompt care regardless if she asked for it or not. This form of neglect is appalling and could have been prevented had the nursing staff been attentive to her needs. Barriers Affecting Quality Care When it comes to quality care in health care facilities, it is found that nurse staffing plays an integral role in process barriers that may occur.. According to Clarke and Donaldson (2008): The quality of care that nurses provide is influenced by individual nurse characteristics such as knowledge and experience, as well as human factors such as fatigue. The quality of care is also influenced by the systems nurses work in, which involve not only staffing levels, but also the needs of all the patients a nurse or nursing staff is responsible for, the availability and organization of other staff and support services, and the climate and culture created by leaders in that setting. A structural barrier that corresponds to quality care and expedient patient services is clear communication. It is no secret that a patient will see several different health care professionals during their hospital. Correlation of Nutrition Health Essay

This article analyzed college students and the correlation between mental health problems. The author looks at the factors and symptoms of depression and anxiety on college students. This article also discusses why students don’t seek to find help and discusses who to find help for those who would like help. With the recent rise in people with anxiety and depression disorders, this article encourages and educates people on what to look for when dealing with a person who might be struggling with either disorder. One of the things that caught my attention was the statistic that “75 percent of all individuals with an anxiety disorder will experience symptoms before age 22.” This seems very early to me but this is a good thing.Correlation of Nutrition Health Essay  The earlier that a person is made aware of their condition, then the easier it is for that person to adjust and learn how to cope with their disorder or problem. Educating those and their families can only help them with being prepared in what to do when symptoms kick in. For instance, someone who struggles with depression and is not made aware of it will just think that there is something wrong with them and take it out on themselves or others around them. Some might argue that it would be pointless to educate people because it would take up time and not many people suffer from anxiety or depression so it would be pointless. My counter argument to that would be that is simply not true many people do suffer with disorders like the ones listed. Correlation of Nutrition Health Essay


The Correlation Between Mental Illness And Crime Essay
higher prevalence of articles in the media in relation to mental illness and crime. This is due to a higher focus of research in the past half-century by criminal psychologists into the relationship between mental illness and violence. A conclusion has then come of this research that people with mental health problems are at increased risk of violent offending. This is determined through classification and misclassification of mental illness and clinical aspects of violence. However, there are

Health-seeking behaviors can be conceptualized in two approaches.Correlation of Nutrition Health Essay  The first approach refers to the utilization of existing healthcare systems by individuals of a population. The second approach refers to the examination of the factors that impact people in making “healthy” choices in regards to lifestyle behaviors or the utilization of medical care (Choudhury, Arjumand & Piwoo, 1997). The observe patterns in health-seeking behaviors related to HIV/AIDS among MSM examined in the studies include engagement in risky sexual behavior, voluntary HIV testing, condom use, and the utilization of HIV treatment and related health services if HIV positive. In their study, Cheng, Gipson, Perez & Cochran (2014) used data from the 2005 Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey (CLHNS), a longitudinal study conducted in metro Cebu, to compare sexually experienced young adults who reported same-sex behaviors and those who did not. Using a single-stage cluster method, out of a total of 1,112 sexually experienced Filipino young adults, they found 22% of male young adults reported same-sex behavior and 19.4% reported a history of same-sex contact and/or romantic relationships (Cheng, Gipson, Perez & Cochran, 2014). This is significantly more than the 4.4% and 2.3% of female young adults who reported same-sex behavior and a history of same-sex contact and/or romantic relationships, respectively. Correlation of Nutrition Health Essay Age of initial sexual experience and the number of sexual partners are two factors related toCorrelation of Nutrition Health Essay

Coffee And Depression : The Fifth Korean National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey Essay
Coffee and depression in Korea: the fifth Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (3) Introduction The article “Coffee and depression in Korea: the fifth Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey” was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2015. The question the authors looked at was whether there was a correlation between coffee consumption and the prevalence of depression among South Korean adults. There had been no previous studies examining.Correlation of Nutrition Health Essay

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