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Creative Brief – Team Waves

Creative Brief – Team Waves – Big Picture
What is the big picture? What is the key issue that the communication piece(s) should address?
NTS is having trouble reaching and resonating with potential clients and, as a result, is losing business to its local competitors, threatening its position in the market. NTS is also losing out to its competitors as a result of their lack of innovation and upgrade investments around the facility. The testing facility’s Fullerton location needs aesthetic updates in order to revamp the customer experience, specifically in the customer lounge.
Creative Brief – Team Waves High-Level Solutions
→ Re-design customer lounge and other areas exposed to customers – (Addresses customer experience & internal marketing)
→ Exposing seasoned employees to industry and potential customers via social media networking. (Addresses digital presence and leverages personnel experience & tenure)
→ Conduct open house 2x/year, promote on social media. (Addresses customer engagement)
What do you want to achieve from this campaign? State specific and measurable goals.

8% increase in bookings

Turn key employees into industry ambassadors and promote them as experts in their respective fields in an effort to gain new business. Creative Brief – Team Waves.
Create shareable content (blog posts, videos)
Marketing campaign to raise awareness and generate additional bookings.

Target audience
Who do you want to reach with this message?

Potential customers within 70 miles of their Fullerton, CA location.
Existing clients

Industry: Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, EV, Inflight Entertainment, Medical Devices

Key Message
What’s the single most persuasive or most compelling statement we can make to achieve the objective?

NTS’ strongest features are their experienced and knowledgeable employees and the relationships they build and maintain with customers.

Supporting Key Points
Explain why the target audience should believe what we say, and why they should buy.

NTS’ personnel boasts a wealth of both industry and NTS specific tenure, enabling them to provide customers with both an experience and end result of the highest quality.
Almost 60 years in the testing industry; a tried and true industry leader.
Relationships are very important to NTS employees – customers are treated with the utmost respect and care during their visit to NTS.

 Communication channels
What channels will most effectively reach our target market?

Social media (extremely targeted and cost effective)
Open houses
Promotional marketing materials (inside testing facility)

Re-design of customer lounges in facility. Creative Brief – Team Waves.

Industry Journals/Blogs/Vlogs

Creative Brief – Team Waves Media
What media within the communication channels will we use?

Blogs/Vlogs, YouTube Videos, LinkedIn, Facebook

Budget  (Need Assistance on suggested budget)
Recommend Budget.


Open Houses ($4k, 2x/year)
Business Journals
Social Media outreach
Creative Brief – Team Waves

How will we measure success?

Sales referred by employees either directly or indirectly (content link clicks that lead to sales)
Sales referred by current customers
Sales as a result of marketing campaign (social media, blog and vlog campaign) Creative Brief – Team Waves

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