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Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.

Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
Mental Health
Mrs. AB a 34-year-old female originally from indigenous Australia reported complaining of being fatigued, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, and lack of concentration, sadness, hopelessness, and have lost weight. This paper will describe how cultural awareness wasintegrated during the client’s treatment.Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
During the assessment, introductions were done and the client was requested regarding her preference of seeing an indigenous nurse if available and informed that the nurse was not an indigenous person. The client, however, agreed to be attended by the non-indigenous nurse. DSM‐5 Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) was selected as a cross-culturally specific interview assessment tool while the Mental Status Examination (MSE) was used based on its cultural diversity perspective (Jilohaet al, 2015).Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
During the assessment, the client’s primary and secondary language was assessed in order to find out if the client needed a translator. The client’s religion and its significance in her daily life were also assessed in order to determine how religion and spirituality would be integrated into her treatment. The income of the client’s household was assessed to find out if the income was adequate to meet the client’s needs and her family(Rowan et al, 2014). The family structure and life were also assessed in order to provide information about “microcultural” components in the history of the patient.Eating habits, the status of the client in the family and social interactions such as community celebrations were also assessed as a component of the assessment process. The key source of support for the client was also assessed as well as her relationship with family members (Rowan et al, 2014).
• Major Depressive Disorder
• Lack of support and relationship concerns with her husband
• Economic problems: lack of adequate finances
• Family dynamics: Family member roles and interpersonal interactions in the family of the client needs to be explored
• Religious needs: Religious and spiritual needs for the client need to be integrated into her treatment plan(Jimenez et al, 2013)
• Effective cross-cultural communication: There is a need to address the client respectfully and approach the subject of mental health with sensitivity, avoid assumptions and demonstrate empathy. In addition, any language –barrier needs to be addressed(Jiloha et al, 2015).
• General perceptions allied to the mental illness and health:Some cultures highly regard health and health promotion while other cultures do not and perceive mental illness as a stigma. Some cultures may have rituals and practices to promote health and treat mental illness.Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing. Therefore, the client’s perception about the mental illness and health need to be integratedinto the treatment plan (Rowan et al, 2014).Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
• Use suitable interpreters: An interpreter can be used to facilitate the understanding of the client regarding her healthcare condition, her care as well as her treatments. Since English is not the client’s primary language, an interpreter will interpret the medical information to the client and help the client gain understanding regarding her mental condition, care and her treatment as well(Truong et al, 2014)
• Financial aid for her treatment: Since the client’s income is not adequate to meet her needs and the family, arrangements will be made to ensure the client is able to access free treatment and medication for her condition. The client will also be referred to an organization where she can access free psychotherapy (Truong et al, 2014)Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
• Include the husband in the client’s treatment:According to the client, her family is paternalistic and men are the predominant figure within a family unit. Therefore, the husband should be included in every step of the treatment and all decision-making as per the client’s approval (Truong et al, 2014)
• Have a therapist supporting the client’s Religious beliefs often attend the client: The client believes that religion plays an important role in her life including mental health. Therefore,a therapist who supports and identifies with the client’s spiritual needs will help in integrating her religious and spirituality in her treatment regimen(Jiloha et al, 2015).
• Assess if the client gained an understanding and insight regarding her health and treatments
• Evaluate if the client has been accessing the recommended treatments by examining if she attended all the treatment sessions and received all the prescribed treatment
• Examine the documentation of the medical record to evaluate if the family, particularly the husband is included in the client’s treatment (Jimenez et al, 2013).Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
The interventions were successful. This is because the client’s language needs were met as indicated by her level of comprehension of her mental health condition and treatment. The client also accessed the medical treatment without paying and therefore the intervention to help the client access free mental health care was met. Finally, the husband was included in the decision-making of her treatment and the client was sometimes attended by a therapist with similar religious beliefs which ensured her spirituality and religion beliefs were integrated into her treatment.Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
Submit an evidence-based practice paper about cultural competency in mental health nursing. An evidence-based practice paper allows you to explore best practice and help improve client outcomes on a psychiatric unit. Your paper should describe how you, as a nurse, will include – or have included – cultural awareness in a client diagnosed with a mental illness. The person you describe could be someone in your clinical setting, someone you have worked with in the past, or a theoretical client.Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
Remember that culture can also include gender equality, sexual orientation, and other cultures besides race and religion – including cultures unique to one particular family. Your paper should be at least 3 pages (double-spaced, not including the title or reference pages) in APA Format and include:
• Assessment: Discuss what you would assess in regard to a client’s culture. For example, are there specific dietary requirements? Are schedule changes necessary to avoid conflicts with religious practices? Who is the spokesperson for the family? What would you assess?
• Diagnosis: List any mental health nursing diagnoses this person has or may be at risk for. Include at least one cultural diagnosis.
• Planning: What planning needs to be done to ensure the cultural and emotional safety of the client?Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
• Implementation: What are interventions that would ensure the safety of your client in regard to culture? Include at least two interventions. For example, if your client has religious beliefs that affect the ability to take medications, what interventions would you create to ensure the client’s safety? What can you do to make sure the client’s cultural needs are met?
• Evaluation: How will you evaluate whether your implementation was effective? Make sure the parameters are objective and measurable.
• In your summary, discuss whether any completed interventions were successful. What could be done differently in the future? If the interventions have not yet been carried out, you might discuss some institutional changes that could be made to ensure cultural safety for all clients in that setting.Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
Your paper should utilize proper APA guidelines and include at least three scholarly sources to support your paper. A scholarly source is a source that has been peer reviewed and has appropriate authors that are credentialed. For more information on APA, please visit the Online Library.Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.
Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.
Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:
Cultural Competency in Mental Health Nursing.

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