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Culture Of An Organisation

Culture of an Organisation

The value of a student’s international experience goes beyond purely the acquisition of language – it lies in the ability to see business and personal issues from other than your own cultural perspective’ Charles MacLeod, Head of UK Resourcing, Price Waterhouse Coopers 2008
Title: An analysis of the culture of an organisation
Your report will apply ONE theoretical framework used in the study of organizational culture to conduct an analysis of an organization’s culture.

The analysis will illustrate the culture by focusing on EITHER
1.  An issue (something which the organization has responded to) OR
2.  A particular organizational practice (something the organization does) OR
3.  An event (some particular incident or series of incidents inside the organization) OR

Choose below organization:
Particular theoretical
•    Cross Cultural Theory
•    (Hofstede, Trompenaars, Hall, GLOBE)
–    Purpose: Improve organisations through            
understanding differences
–    Focus: Beliefs and values across countries
–    Examples: Hofstede’s five dimensions (Use
(20 to 30 Reference)

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