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Deconstructing a Non-Scholarly Text Essay Paper

Deconstructing a Non-Scholarly Text Essay Paper
This assignment will challenge you to identify the assumptions, context, situatedness, and embedded logic of an argument through the close reading of a non-scholarly text. This is not an exercise in determining whether the author is wrong or right in his or her position, as these value judgments are typically irrelevant to the purpose of scholarship.Deconstructing a Non-Scholarly Text Essay Paper.  Instead, unearthing these components through an analytical process allows you to discover evidence of (conscious or unconscious) “decisions” made by the author in writing the text. This evidence will (in turn) assist you in making valid, empirically driven claims regarding the text.Deconstructing a Non-Scholarly Text Essay Paper
Locate a short, opinion- or position-based article or essay, preferably written by only one author.

Please do not select a peer-reviewed, scholarly source for this assignment.

Your selected article or essay should be from a popular publication (e.g. newspaper editorials, blogs, political pundits’ web sites, educational or health care activist organizations’ sites). Deconstructing a Non-Scholarly Text Essay Paper

Engage in a systematic process of closely reading the text. Attempt to derive a sense of meaning from the text that is not an explicit argument the author is making, but is empirically grounded in the text nonetheless. Examples of this sense of meaning might include:

Uncovering a political or ideological position based on the historical nature of examples used by the author.

Determining an author’s value system around a particular issue by analyzing hierarchical structures in his or her essay’s organization.

Complete the Critical Reading: Deconstructing a Non-Scholarly Text Template.
Submit your completed template prior to the start of Day 2 by clicking the Assignment Files tab.Deconstructing a Non-Scholarly Text Essay Paper

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