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Describe how organizing differs from planning as a basic management function

Unit 3 Assignment

Chapter 5: Organizing

1.Describe how organizing differs from planning as a basic management function. Explain how these functions relate to each other.

2. What are the organizational uses of the job description? Provide examples with your response

3. The job analysis serves what purpose in the development of the job description?

4. Evaluate the concept concerning the managerial span of control.  Is there a formula for establishing the perfect number of people to be supervised?

5. Identify the defining difference between a line activity and a staff function

6. Identify and describe at least five uses of a job description. Provide examples with your response

7. What are the services that are usually outsourced by health care providers? Explain why the services are outsourced


The organizational chart is of utmost importance to a health care organization.   Identify and describe in detail the numerous reasons for utilizing the organizational chart. Also evaluate the importance of each to the organization

Describe what is meant by the “dual pyramid form of organization in health care”?  Evaluate the roles of the 2 groups traditionally related to this concept

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