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Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay

Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay

Effects of Soda in Human Body
Recently, the campaign against consumption of sugary drinks have been increasing. Experts warn that added sugar in our diet is responsible for many health concerns causing around 184, 000 deaths of adults worldwide (CNN 2015). At the center of this controversy is diet soda. The consumption of soda has been increasing because people develop a craving for the sweet taste, energizing jolt and pleasant fizz. This paper examine the chemical used in soda and how these chemicals cause health issues such as obesity, and other diseases.
The Coca-Cola Company, one of the world largest manufacturer of diet soda, reveals the ingredient of soda. Among the ingredient is sugars, sweeteners, caffeine and phosphoric acid (Coca-Cola 4).Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay Although the company does not support the concerns that their products may cause many lifestyle diseases, independent research show that some of the ingredients used in making soda can cause many health issues including increase in waist circumference, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, erosion of tooth enamel, memory and lung conditions.


Soda contain caffeine. Although there divided research finding that caffeine is safe for people’s healthy, all agree that certain levels of caffeine consumption may harm someone’s health (Food Insight 2015). The Food and Drug Administration require that caffeine concentration in soda beverages be no more than 48.2 mg per 12 oz serving. An adult should not take more than 400 mg of caffeine per day. The American Dietetic Association discourage of consumption of caffeine among pregnant women because it increases the risk of cases of low birth weight of children, miscarriage and spontaneous abortion for women consuming more than 150 mg of caffeine per day. Children ingesting caffeine from carbonated drinks are likely to experience caffeine-induced headaches. Research shows that the caffeine concentration in soda beverages range from 40.9 to 48.4 mg in every 16-oz serving (McCusker, Goldberger and Cone 2006). The research also revealed that none of the cola company labelled the caffeine content in their beverages. Although some of these companies warned against the consumption of caffeine in large amounts especially for pregnant women, none specified the amount of intake that is qualify to be “large”.Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay
The acid used in carbonated soda has been found to harmful to dental health. According to a research by Livescience, the acids in popular soda are corrosive to dental enamel. Most soda drinks contain citric and phosphoric acids which erode teeth five times more than non-cola drinks. The acidity of Coke, Pepsi, RC Cola, 7 UP and Diet 7 Up caused teeth enamel to lose more than 5 percent of their original weight. The pH of these drinks were between 2.387 and 2.522. Coke was the most acidic with a pH of 2.522. The erosion is faster in cavities and tooth decay pits, groves and spots adjacent to other teeth (Lloyd 2007).
Although diet soda does not contain sugars it contain chemicals and taste sweeteners that may compromise a person’s health. Diet soda is one of the zero-calories drink that has been associated with weight loss. A study carried by the Laborer Health and Safety Fund of North America among 66, 000 French women found that diet soda, as much as regular soda cause health problems including obesity and diabetes. This study revealed that diet soda drinkers are prone to excessive sugar intake in other products. It was also found that the non-sugar sweeteners in diet soda, especially aspartame, may spur larger increases of insulin and glycaemia than what sucrose does. Diet soda affect normal metabolism increasing chances of coronary artery diseases, type 2 diabetes and stroke (Clark, 2013). Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay
Diet soda is also associated with an increase in waist circumference in adults. According to longitudinal study of aged people the increased waist circumference in an indicator of obesity arising from nonnutritive sweeteners. Diet soda intake, therefore, is a pathway to cardio metabolic risk especially for the aging population (Flower, Williams & Hezuda 2015). Similar studies accuse diet soda of altering the gut microbes and rising the chances of diabetes. Zero-calorie sweeteners, including aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin were given to mice. The findings show that the mice developed a glucose intolerance condition. These findings also show that people who are used to artificial sweeteners have a higher HbA1C levels in their blood than those who never consumed artificial sweeteners (Aubrey 2014).Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay
Soda consumption is also associated with fatty liver disease. Examined the incidences of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Framingham Offspring cohorts. The research showed that cohorts who took energy drinks, alcohol, fat, dietary fiber, protein and diet soda had higher odds for fatty liver disease. There was as positive association between sugar sweetened drinks intake and alanine transaminase levels which cause fatty liver disease (Jiantao et al., 2015).
Soda and other soft drinks cause heart diseases. The weight gain associated with the consumption of soda increases chances of heart attack and coronary diseases. There is also evidence that soft drinks can affect bone health because they are devoid of calcium (Havard School of Public Health 2015). Sodium benzoate found in most soda contain potassium which increases chances of recurring asthma and eczema.
In conclusion, the consumption of soda has many health concerns. It is associated with many health issues such as increase obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, erosion of tooth enamel, memory and lung conditions. It is time people rethink the craving for the sweet taste, energizing jolt and pleasant fizz associated with soda and start living a healthy lifestyle. Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay

Soda is a popular drink, but people often forget about negative effects of the drink on their health. Negative effects of soda are diverse but the tasty drink often makes consumers forget or ignore them, while, in the most severe cases, the excessive consumption of soda may lead to serious health problems. Instead, the mere reduction of soda consumption may decrease risks and threats to consumer health. Therefore, the reduction of soda consumption is essential to avoid numerous pitfalls of the drink and its negative impact on consumer health.

Probably the most obvious negative impact of drinking too much soda is the harm the drink causes to the teeth. The excessive consumption of soda leads to the damage of the teeth and increases the risk of serious dental problems in a long-run perspective. Soda is an aggressive drink in relation to the teeth. The consumption of drink leads to the steady destruction or damage of enamel, which exposes the teeth to the high risk of the damages that may trigger the development of caries and other problems (Mun & Jun, 2011). In fact, the exposure of the teeth to the impact of soda can even lead to the loss of some teeth. Instead, the simple reduction of the consumption of soda decreases the risk of the development of various dental problems substantially. The teeth become more resistant to the impact of external factors because enamel of the teeth is not destructed as fast as it is under the impact of soda. In such a way, consumers can save their teeth by the mere reduction of the soda consumption.Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay
Another problem evoked by soda is the change of the weight of consumers. In fact, soda is likely to cause a human to abdominally gain weight. Physical and chemical properties of soda increase the risk of abdominal gain weight and may result in the development of obesity and related health problems (Mun & Jun, 2011). At the same time, many consumers are very concerned with their abdominal area to keep it in the excellent shape. They apparently would not like the idea of having the abdominal weight gain just because of the soda consumption. In this regard, the reduction of the soda consumption can also contribute to the reduction of the abdominal weight gain. Consumers will minimize the risk of abdominal weight gain, if the reduction of the soda consumption is accompanied by physical activities.Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay

Finally, soda may negatively affect human immune system that is much more dangerous than a mere weight gain or teeth damages. The negative impact of soda on the immune system is not evident but it is extremely dangerous (Mun & Jun, 2011). If one can notice a damaged tooth or weight one gains, then one can hardly notice immediately the deterioration of his/her immune system. Soda consumer may attribute more frequent and more serious health problems to different factors but not the soda consumption, because those problems occur irregularly and there is no direct and obvious correlation between those problems and the soda consumption. However, in actuality, it is soda that affects the immune system steadily and dangerously. Soda weakens the ability of the immune system to resist to various health problems and, therefore, increases the risk of the development of serious health problems.Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay

Thus, the reduction of the soda consumption is an essential step toward the improvement of one’s health and reduction of numerous risks and threats, which soda may trigger. Consumers should not even refuse from soda totally, if they are not willing to. Instead, they just should reduce the consumption and avoid excessive impact of soda on their health.Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay

In the recent past, sodas have been getting bad news though for what I can refer to as a good reason. People should seek knowledge to know the effects of drinking sodas and some other sugary beverages to their health. These drinks in many cases make people gain weight and also they cause obesity. Premature heart attacks is one of the most recent harm that has been identified by a new research that was conducted and published in the in the journal circulation of the American heart association. They investigated the connection between the development premature heart attacks and deaths. This investigation followed several number of men’s diet, exercise patterns, smocking, and weight. Form this investigation it was found that men who are prone to taking one sugary beverage in a day had 25% higher risk of being infected by the heart attack disease.
Theme: Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay
When we consume high amounts of processed sugar continually, large fluctuations in insulin levels occur. The risk of weight loss resistance, heart attack disease, and diabetes have been linked to erratic fluctuation in insulin. An independent risk factor for the heart attack disease appears to be the consumption of sugary beverages (Hu, 2008). There are also other risk factors that are caused by sugary drinks that are said to contribute to the heart diseases. Consumption of soda leads to a high triglyceride levels and low good HDL. The two increases the chance of one being infected by the heart disease.

Dietary Habits Linked
Genetics and obesity were once delegated the essential drivers of coronary illness, yet the discoveries of the examination propose that it’s more identified with the utilization of sugar and other dietary propensities.
Beverages with high sugar content have additionally been found to deliver irritation – a noteworthy reason for constant health conditions. It produces inner instinctive fat stockpiling that strains blood circulation and by and large organ work.
Extra lab tests in the examination affirmed lifted levels of C-receptive protein (CRP) and leptin. C-receptive protein is the most exact lab test that estimates irritation levels all through the body. Leptin is a hormone that manages your digestion (Park, 2015).Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay
Unable to Burn Fat
Leptin is less notable yet is an imperative lab test. This hormone commands the human brain to burn fat. When you drink sugary refreshments, the leptin receptors turn out to be less dynamic. This diminished movement level will hinder the body’s capacity to burn fat. Heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain can result.
Consuming soda has also been linked to the following:
 Drinking two sugary beverages or sodas for each week expands danger of pancreatic cancer by 88% (Makarem, 2018).
 Drinking one soda for each day builds danger of metabolic disorder by 45% and a kid’s danger of getting to be corpulent by 60%
 Drinking two sodas or sugary beverages for every day builds the danger of gout by 84% percent.
 Turn around the Damage
 Sugary beverages and soda can cause a decline in kidney function.
 Sugary beverages and soda increases diabetes risk.
 Caramel coloring in sugary beverages and soda is linked to cancer
 Sugary beverages and soda are high in calories
 Sugary beverages and soda increases obesity risk in children.
 Sugary beverages and soda increases heart disease in men.
 Sugary beverages and soda depletes your mineral levels.
 Acid in sugary beverages and soda wears away dental enamel.
The human body’s weight is around 60% water. Water is utilized in the majority of the cells, organs, and tissues in the body. Hydration is extraordinary compared to other approaches to evacuate poisons and unsafe substances like sugary refreshments. Studies propose that, to check the impacts of one soft drink, one must drink up to 32 glasses of water (Gaffney, 2015)
To decide whether you are dried out, take a gander at your pee. In the event that it’s reasonable, you’re fit as a fiddle. In the event that it’s dull, you’re most likely dried out. Eating an eating routine high in vegetables is another rehydration technique and furthermore confine caffeine it’s a diuretic and can cause lack of hydration.Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay
A healthy People 2020 goal applicable to this topic is Health-Related Quality of Life & Well-Being whereby the Health-related quality of life is a multi-dimensional concept that includes domains related to physical, mental, emotional, and social functioning. It goes beyond direct measures of population health, life expectancy, and causes of death, and focuses on the impact health status has on quality of life.
MaxLiving Nutrition Plans give two front line programs intended to keep up health and turn around malady. The Advanced arrangement focuses on the main driver of weight reduction obstruction, leptin brokenness, and irritation. The Core plan is the perfect program to keep up body weight and diminish toxicity for a lifetime. The progressive MaxT3 practice program changes your body into the ideal mending condition by focusing on hormonal imbalances that in many cases reduce the risk of being infected by the heart attack. This time-productive program can be the basic answer for lose additional weight or help you accomplish ideal health and fitness. Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay

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