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End Emergency Room Politics Essay

End Emergency Room Politics Essay

People tend to get sick, and when a person has a health problem, he seeks the help of doctors. Emergency room is a medical institution where a person can get professional help without an appointment. It was first opened in the early 20th century (Markey, 2013). Today there are such departments in almost every hospital; they are often located on the ground floor. Emergency room is open 24 hours a day and specializes in providing medical care to patients who sought help themselves, or have been brought by ambulance. Patient’s clinical indications are in the priorities of the department.End Emergency Room Politics Essay

Problem that people face every day in the emergency room is time-consuming. Specialists of Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study which found that the average waiting period for patients in such offices is 7 hours. If there is a need to do more tests, the figure can rise to 12 hours. Initially, the patient undergoes a phase of so-called “sorting” (Mccue, 2012). At this stage, the health professional, often a nurse, defines the human condition and if there is a direct threat to his life. If the human condition is critical, assistance will be rendered immediately; if a person’s life is not in danger, he goes to the next step – registration. After passing these two stages the patient may wait for a doctor for hours.End Emergency Room Politics Essay


Today, it is a serious problem. The question arises: “Why not increase the number of doctors who can provide expert assistance for patients at different levels of complexity?”Every day a huge number of people come to emergency rooms, both adults and children. Of course, first aid should be given to a person who needs it most. But should we make a person with less severe symptoms wait so long? I think – no, and I’m sure many will agree with me. And there are many explanations. In the matter of health every second is important. According to experts, there were cases in medical practice when the patient’s general condition deteriorated after hours of stay in office. Sometimes, in order to identify the disease, you need to pass additional tests, only then diagnosis can be established. The sooner it happens, the better. Besides, while waiting in the line, a patient gets more and more nervous and psychological worries join physical problems, which can lead to deterioration of the disease. Also, each person has his own character, for some it is easy to visit hospitals, for others it a real challenge. Imagine how he feels to be there for more than 5 hours.

Many hours of stay in the emergency room happens due to its overcrowding. In this case, it is hard not only for patients, but also for doctors. Specialists are in constant tension, helping a patient the doctor realizes that a huge number of patients, who also need his help, is waiting for him. That’s why we need to expand the number of specialists.End Emergency Room Politics Essay

Finally, we need to consider the rhythm of modern life. Not everyone has an opportunity to spend half of a day in order to find out the diagnosis and get qualified professional help. But such experiments not always end well. After that, it becomes more difficult to cure the person.

In order to avoid all these negative factors and consequences, it is necessary to expand the medical staff in emergency rooms. So that everyone knew that he would be provided timely assistance without wasting additional time. Increasing the number of doctors would certainly have a positive impact on patients, emergency room, and its specialists.End Emergency Room Politics Essay

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