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Healthy Diet and Active Lifestyle Curriculum

Healthy Diet and Active Lifestyle Curriculum
1. Healthy Eating Curriculum
To ensure the children understand what is healthy eating
To ensure the student know the effects of unhealthy eating
A healthy diet is very essential for children and also everybody within the society. This is based on the fact that healthy eating helps in child development, well-being and learning abilities. This curriculum will therefore ensure that the toddlers are able to make a healthy and nutritious alternative in all their meals. To achieve the above goals; the program will be an inclusive program.Healthy Diet and Active Lifestyle Curriculum This means that teachers will have to adhere to the curriculum and aim at achieving the above stated goals. Additionally ensure teachers leadership and policy directive are adhered to. What intend to do so as to involve the student will be to encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables among the children. This will involve creating a school fruit and vegetable garden. In this garden the students will cultivate different varieties of fruits and vegetables. This will help the student understand the various fruits available for their consumption so as to stay healthy. Additionally to ensure that students eat healthy diet, in the school canteen, I will ensure that there is a provision of vegetables and fruits at a subsidized price. Next is to ensure that much is covered regarding fresh produce in the teaching process. The next issue to promote is healthy drinking. This will involve promotion of a high intake of water during the school session. This will take place during the breaks. The next issue taken into consideration will be discouragement of high energy drinks. This is will be very important since it will ensure that children will avoid taking foods that will lead to such problems as obesity.Healthy Diet and Active Lifestyle Curriculum
The curriculum will be essential for children between the aged 2.5 and 5 year because they are often attracted to high Carole foods that lead to growing into being obese. Additionally, they will grow knowing what is meant by a healthy diet. Children with dietary or special needs will be included by involving their parents and closely monitoring their eating habits.
2. Active Lifestyle Curriculum
To ensure that the children understand the need for being active and physical activity
To ensure that students understand the different activities that can be involved in to remain healthy.Healthy Diet and Active Lifestyle Curriculum
To achieve the above goals, I intend to use various strategies. First of all is to introduce such initiative as Walking School Bus, ensuring that there are Safe Routes to School, Bike and Road Education. Additionally, it is important to encourage a school environment that promotes active living. This will involve ensuring that schools create walking paths around school ovals, enough playground facilities and enough resource such as teachers. In addition, I will also come up with policies that promote active living while the children are at school. To ensure that the students and their parents are involved in this initiative, I will introduce sport homework. This will involve a situation where students are sent home with various activities to perform with their families, parents or care givers. Additionally, I will also require that all the school letters created encourages the advantages linked to healthy living. Through the involvement of healthy active lifestyle, children will learn that they are producing a lot of sweat and therefore cutting down a lot fats. Additionally, this will be the best opportunity for the children to understand that healthy physical activities and being active help one evade different kinds of complications such obesity, heart disease among others as they grow. Active life will be of great significance to the children since it will enable them to be fit.
The student will be informed that they are best suited for the active lifestyle since they are in a great need of growth and development. Therefore, involvement into active lifestyle would ensure a good health and proper growth and development. The children in need will be included into the program by getting consent from their parents. Additionally, they will require close monitoring.Healthy Diet and Active Lifestyle Curriculum

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