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Hiv Stigma Essay.

Hiv Stigma Essay.
HIV in the mid 1980’s was as dreaded as a dangerous monster. The mention of the word implied a death certificate that people could easily sign to when they associated with a HIV patient. The fact that the HIV pandemic had not been contained during such years meant that people had to take necessary precautions. Most people including social workers were ill informed about the means through which the pandemic spread and thought they could catch it by physical contact. A health care worker attending to a HIV suspected patient had to ensure they maintained maximum distance with them (Farnan & Enriquez, 1990). For instance, they were not to talk to them lest the viruses spread through their breath. Any physical contact such as hugging and greeting was prohibited lest there be any exposed body fluids that would transmit the viruses. HIV suspected patients were also viewed as walking corpses that deserved sympathy more than love and care. Giving them attention was a waste of time as their destiny had already been determined. The best they could be done to was to let them realize that they will be dead soon and hence ensuring their house is in order.Hiv Stigma Essay.
Years have rolled by since then and people have come to accept HIV as any other terminal disease that can be handled. Victims of HIV are after all not walking corpses as they are exposed to awareness programs as well as good diet that can boost their health. People are no longer embarrassed about HIV patients as the community around endeavors to ensure that they live normal lives. Compared to the past where people were embarrassed of their HIV status and even dreaded going for tests, currently, people are coming up in big numbers to testify of the fact that they are living with HIV (Burke & Parker, 2007). Many more people are taking up the test and getting advice on how to live positively and negatively. The gap that was previously observed between HIV patients and their caretakers has been minimized as they got closer to them and showed them some love. HIV patients are rarely discriminated and are always allowed to participate economic activities. Various states have even come up with laws to protect people living with HIV.Hiv Stigma Essay.

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