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Improving the Quality of Nursing Care Essay.

Improving the Quality of Nursing Care Essay.


The field of care continues to evolve over time, constantly changing every day. With so many changes, the quality of care that nurses provide daily is improved. For example, a nurse is unfamiliar with wearing gloves when doing most of the work, such as taking an injection or going to the toilet. Over time, it is known that many patients suffer from body fluids or diseases easily transmitted through blood. As a result of this discovery, nurses began to wear gloves when doing most care.Improving the Quality of Nursing Care Essay.


In developed countries, much effort has been made to promote the use of medical procedures. Programmers such as nursing audit, quality assurance, nurse practice behavior review, etc. have improved the quality of care. Provide health education for patients and use care procedures to meet the health, safety and drug needs of all ages. In a survey conducted in Nigeria, a strategy for effective implementation of nursing procedures, regular provision of nursing procedure materials, employment of nurses, encouragement of nurse cooperation, and periodic implementation of nursing procedures (Chudi Chukwuka et al., 2013).Improving the Quality of Nursing Care Essay.

Factors in the use of nursing care planning in nursing care program for caregivers at Nyamira area hospital

Effectively implementing the nursing process can improve the quality of care and promote the construction of theoretical and scientific knowledge based on the best clinical practice. In Ethiopia, medical services are limited and the quality is low. The quality of care is considered to be bad. The basic application for improving the quality of care is the application and implementation of the nursing process and the government has invested in educational courses based on different levels of education. However, the application of this knowledge in the actual setting is not yet known.Improving the Quality of Nursing Care Essay.

Application of nursing process and its influence factors to nursing staff at Meckler Regional Hospital in northern Ethiopia

The quality of long-term care, especially the quality of nursing care facilities, has attracted public attention to policies over the past 20 years. In 1986, IoM presented a report entitled “Improving Care Quality in a Special Nursing Home for the Elderly” and presented several steps to improve the quality of nursing care facilities. These recommendations include standard health and functional status for nursing care facilities tenants to support nursing care plans, monitor the quality and results of nursing care, and support the development of case portfolio adjustment payment methods Including the necessity of evaluation.Improving the Quality of Nursing Care Essay.

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