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Leadership Action Plan Essay.

Leadership Action Plan Essay.


Leadership Action Plan

1. Develop a PowerPoint slideshow consisting of 8-15 slides. Include the following. Title slide, written speaker notes, and Reference slide. Do not use Voice Over recordings. All information needs to be written in slides and notes.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

2. You are required to complete the assignment using the productivity tools required by Chamberlain University, which is Microsoft Office Word 2013 (or later version), or Windows and Office 2011 (or later version) for MAC. You must save the file in the “.pptx” format. A later version of the productivity tool includes Office 365, which is available to Chamberlain students for FREE by downloading from the student portal at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Click on the envelope at the top of the page.

3. As the leader, you have identified a problem or issue related to one of the National Patient Safety Goals 2018 created by the Joint Commission that will lead to quality improvement. You will find the National Patient Safety Goals using this link: NPSG (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

4. Assess the problem or issue. State the problem/issue and identify three rationales (reasons) that the problem exists.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

5. Determine the people who are involved in the issue and explain three reasons as to how their role will contribute to the problem or issue solution.

6. Identify three solutions and discuss the purpose, cost and desired outcome.

7. Pick one solution to share with the director and discuss why this solution was chosen over the others.

8. Make an action plan to share the solution with the director or staff.

9. Summarize issue, plan and desired outcome and purpose for quality improvement on slide.

10. Summarize your learning and value of doing the assignment.

11. Include written speaker notes for all slides except title slide and reference slide.

12. Submit your PowerPoint slideshow by 11:59 p.m. MT, Sunday, end of Week 6.

Leadership Action Plan

Leadership Action Plan Essay
Keywords: personal plan leadership, leadership reflection essay

This paper seeks to prepare an individual development plan in my own objective to become leader in an organization. I’ll analyze the requirements of the targeted job in relation to my inventory of skills including my strengths and weaknesses in relation to the necessity of a goal in mind for which I am prepared to learn my deficiencies in conditions of skills. I’ll therefore have to make an action plan about how to correct my deficiencies also to improve on my weaknesses to take advantage of my strengths in attaining a aim for job that I want to have and quality of a person that I wish to happen because of this.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

2. The Goal, Requirements, Deficiencies and the Strategies

2. 1 My goal and its requirements

The goal of the plan is usually to be in a position to attain the position of Charges analyst which requires the next: having strong analytical skills and ingenuity to provide logical solutions to nonstandard issues, having a solid mathematical aptitude as well as well toned communication skills (written and verbal), being computer literate (including working knowledge of Excel and Phrase) and possessing the worth of resourcefulness, organizational skills and ability to coordinate activities across company function. It further requires having demonstrated ability to work effectively under great pressure to meet critical deadlines, having the ability to adjust to changing priorities and cope with multiple jobs and having a fantastic attention to detail and problem solving skills.

2. 2 Decided deficiencies and the sources of their perceived factors behind having them

Using as basis the work requirements and compare the same with my present inventory of skills, I then found out that the targeted job requires the necessity for demonstrated capacity to work well under pressure to meet critical deadlines as well as at the capability to adapt to changing priorities and deal with multiple tasks. I believe this requires maximum patience for person to be employed for the job. A patient person will never be easily being cowed into quitting for pressure as the person would normally consider pressure as part of the job. A patient person will also find the necessity to adjust to changing priorities and controlling multiple tasks to participate the challenge. I definitely need to be more patient partly because of my attitude of perfectionism which is rather out of proportions sometimes.

Further comparison of my inventory of skills with the requirement of the job disclosed that my verbal communication skills are fragile as may be demonstrated from past experience when I have delegated jobs to people that resulted to some misunderstandings. I’ve diagnosed the in most cases times about the reason why for these misunderstandings and I came across them in failure to make my instructions in a way that may be fully and intelligently comprehended. In wrongly believing that my own understanding leads to my teammates understanding, I must say i have made a brief trim of effective communication which is creating inefficiency to my job.

I find insufficiency also in my own organizational skills as evidenced by my having forgotten a lot of times important details in my job because of deficient communication skills, failing to delegate and ineffectiveness if making motivations to my people.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

2. 3 Strategies to solve deficiencies with matching time table

The way I am going to deal with these leadership deficiencies is to create an idea where I can attract on personal as well as others feedback. I’ve talked to my manager, supervisor, and other coworkers and they have decided to provide feedback if you ask me on these three things. I will keep a journal, as well, so that I can track my own thoughts and feelings about how precisely I am controlling and bettering in these tasks. Also, I plan to do some research on all there matters so that I might obtain more info on these topics. The following are things that I intend to do in my time stand.

Improving Patience

On the basis of the above, I found out that I really lacked patience; I’ve decided to increase my patience in more organized manner. My high panic level, which causes me to get short with people, could really be bad easily will not improve my patience. I am likely to monitor my progress and examine myself each week on my patience levels. In a 12 months I wish to get to a spot where I can deal with any situation, whatever that entails. I wish to get to the main point where I don’t allow my anxiety interfere with my job duties and relationships with other.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

Having stated earlier that insufficient patience may be brought on by my attitude of perfectionism, I feel addressing the latter is vital to my development as a person for the required job. Perfectionism makes me feel that I should always be imposing to the people the highest requirement for many work activities without may be considering their capacities. My approaches for improvement of correction of said perceived caused of insufficient patience are to investigate the importance of having something perfect in relation to realistic goals of every activity. Since every activity may have its deadline, I would devised an improve plan so that I am going to not force myself unnecessarily on things.

But since I may never know easily am progressing upon this activity, I would measure my progress and my requirements for measuring the same would be to have less aggravation with improvement while making certain work continues to be successfully accomplish. Enough time table because of this is a month intervals

Improving communication

One of certain requirements of the targeted job is having a solid mathematical aptitude as well as well developed communication skills (written and verbal). Finding my skills to be lacking in this respect, I’ve made a decision to effectively improve my verbal communications skills continuously by relying on responses from manager and supervisors in my present job as well as peers and relatives and buddies.

In my very own analysis what’s creating my poor communication is the spontaneous and impulsive responses to teammates as I perceived bad commentary in return making such irresponsive remarks which offend their emotions, hence I’d really need to reflect about how my comments would have an impact on others. That is in addition to expanding of course and a highly effective communication plan verbally and on paper.

To know whether I would be progressing I would be recording my observance of the absence of negative peer reactions as well as my observation of positive dental feedback from relatives and buddies. I am also giving month intervals ask for reviews from peers and family/friends

Improving company skills

Organization will be one of my other big hang-ups and I believe this should be evaluated daily by keeping a journal of my responsibilities as well as a calendar to avoid mistakenly looking over anything. I really believe this will need time to boost, and with the help of my observations, research, and others feedback, I possibly could o be proficient in the skills next 3 years. For the meantime I’ve brief goals as explained below.

One way to improve this is to through having the skill to boost delegation. My alternatively poor delegation is basically rooted in the fear of poor teammate contributions leading to team failure. I believe this may be corrected because they build on trust with my team mates by being first learning to be a trust valuable person. Delegation includes trusting people to do it with confidence to their capabilities under given circumstances. Regarding team mates, I’d have to realize the extent also of my affect so that I would not be ending up delegating everything. Furthermore I will be creating a system of evaluations of teammates since it is merely in providing them with the proper feedback that they would have the chance to improve themselves. Enough time table because of this of course, requires that at checkpoints of project, I am going to have to evaluate feelings of comfort of myself and my teammates and address any problems immediately as may be necessary.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

Another way of correcting this perceived weakness is to use an “identical work” plan. Under this design, some my teammates would not necessarily be burdened with having more than expected and this will have a potential for reducing actually the concern with poor teammate contributions resulting in team failure. Another way of achieving this strategy is for me personally to develop in checkpoints for making sure that jobs are promptly. This simply means that making a trusted schedule to keep an eye on and continue that tasks are on in fact accomplished promptly.

As a way of measuring my improvement in this strategy, I would have to be chance to measure my improvement, with myself privately executing less work that would lead to utilizing more time to proper and maximum working of my teammates. This development should also be seen in my new developed capacity to trust teammates that could lead more to better interactions with them insurance firms a self-assurance in the result of their work.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

Another way to boost organizational skills is to improve my forcefulness in motivating people. As a consequence of poor communication skills, my capacity to motivate or move people is merely as limited by a great degree. My approaches for this aim for is includes be present at additional classes on management (Erez, M. et. al, 2001), reading relevant books on determination (Maddock and Fulton, 1998) and utilizing a highly effective communication. Motivation on organization is a large deal since business basically consists of people who need to have the internal drive from what they have to do. Given the actual fact that organization might not provide every thing what workers might need, I could top a great probable from them by knowing each of my team mates and really find out what drives to stand out of perform better in their job.

I would only be able to check the attainment of the targets if there are positive responses of others to my upgraded motivational skills. If small goals get completed I’d be confident that we making a great motivation job on my teammates more often

Another way of measuring the success of this strategy is the truth of experiencing an accomplished goals and positive team replies. The time desk to evaluate others’ reactions and behaviors is always to undertake each regular.

3. Conclusion

Based on the above mentioned plans I believe I would have the ability to attain the target of becoming a cost analyst. Certain requirements of the targeted position are extremely clear and I was genuine enough to work with certain requirements to gauge whether I possibly could actually meet the same. Powered therefore by the realization which i needed some skills, I should possess the courage to correct my deficiency by tracing what are the habits that are creating me never to hold the much desired requirements of the targeted position in terms of skills.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

I have categorized the some major requirements of the job as requiring the worthiness of patience from the necessity for demonstrated potential to work well under great pressure to meet critical deadlines as well as at the capability to adjust to changing priorities and handle multiple jobs. So important is the worthiness of patience in the job and that i have carefully analyzed could be acquired by training me to consider work pressures as normal consider s area of the job that would also help me to adjust to changing priorities and cope with multiple responsibilities to participate the task.

Improving communication between me and folks in the organization was could be by addressing the behavioral cause, this is the spontaneous and impulsive feedback to teammates that we commit sometimes structured from perceived bad comments. I would just have to stop offending their thoughts by my having an honest reflection how my responses would impact others. That is in addition to producing of course and a highly effective communication plan (Thorson and Moore, 1996) verbally and in writing which may involved the relevant of basics of effective communication that would be read theoretically and experience if the actual workplace. Obtaining the right opinions from peers and friends would accomplish much because of this. Strengthening my communication skill is also strongly related with increasing organization skills which I must develop as time passes through my observations, research, while others feedback. Having geared to be proficient in the skills next three years, I believe would be genuine enough considering my targeted developed skills for communication. To improve company skill requires me to boost delegation which I found to having been limited by my fear of poor teammate contributions leading to team inability. Being correctible by building on trust with my teammates when you are first becoming a trust worthy person, I think that my decision to delegation put me in the right path to fully attain an integrated organizational skill (Heller et. al. , 1998). I am however cautioned by knowing some limits in my own prepared delegation by doing still what I have to do best under the circumstances to avoid to delegating everything. By my honest development of something of assessments of teammates, that would give them the proper feedback, I hope to discover the best about the success of this plan.Leadership Action Plan Essay.


Chart of Personal Development Plan

Skill to Improve Causes of Conducts Strategies Way of measuring Time desk for Assessing Progress

Patience Perfectionism – Analyzing the bad ramifications of too much perfectionism

– Making an operating schedule

– Effective delegation to team mates -reduced frustration

-successful fulfillment of work without much stress Is going to be monitored monthly

Delegation Fear of poor teammate performance Make something of evaluation of teammates

– Make an ‹similar work insurance policy.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

– Ensuring deadlines are followed Less work to be performed more time for the main requirement of the job Assess sense of teammates if delegation is received with respect

Effective Communication Irresponsible and impulsive commentary Reflect on the result of remarks and reduce the same if necessary

– Design and effective communication plan Lack of negative peer reactions

Positive responses from friends, professionals and supervisors Must be confirmed monthly

Motivation Poor oral and written communication skills Read good literature on communication skills.

Attend training seminars related to Office marketing communications Willingness of others to have significantly more responsibilities

Attained output goals Evaluation should be done monthly or as often as possible

According to Robbins and Judge (2010), “leadership is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or a set of goals”. Leadership is an element or organizational management that establishes the direction of an organization. Leadership is also a factor that can be used in coping with changes such as organizational changes, political changes, environmental changes and many other changes that have an impact on the development of an organization.

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A leader is a person who carries out leadership process and it is supposed to align resources and motivate workers in efforts to inspire them to complete the organization’s vision (Robbins and Judge 2010). I plan to have a leadership vision that clearly defines others, the world and myself in general. When creating this vision, I will need to ask myself questions such as: • Who am I? • What is my life purpose? • What do I stand for? • How do I want to influence others? • How to I intend to contribute to my family, the organization, the world and myself?

After answering these questions, I will formulate a vision of the world and myself and then I will start making my vision a reality. In my leadership action plan, I will set leadership goals that I intend to achieve at the end of a certain period. I plan to increase my leadership knowledge by attending leadership classes, which will increase my competencies. In my plan, I will also include the study of inspirational books reputable writers who talk about leadership strategies.

Through these books, I will try to learn all the important strategies that I can apply to become a better leader in the future. I plan to attend more workshops and seminars on leadership strategies that will be held in my country and even in other countries. I plan to improve my communication skills by attending more and more classes and workshops that educate on improving personal and public communication skills. With these communication skills, I believe I will be a role model to my followers and I will ensure that there is no misconception of ideas that I put across.

I plan to improve organizational skills that go along with leadership so that in future I can have my own company and have several roles that are geared towards the achievement of the organizational goals. I plan to increase my technical knowledge of factory machines so that I can be an efficient leader to the workers of a manufacturing company. I plan to improve my interpersonal relations skills so I can understand different human behaviors and learn how to accept individual differences.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

I plan to take studies concerning organizational behavior so that I can be able to analyze the organizational behavior of the corporation that I am working at and therefore determine recommendations that may be applied for future prosperity. I plan to utilize all my strengths and gifts while playing the leadership role in any organization. In order to efficiently increase my competence skills, I will require the following resources: 1. Money for training and development studies 2. Organizational support 3. Training colleges 4. Study materials

I plan to be a charismatic leader with the aim of being a heroic leader in the organizations that I will work for in my career life. Being a charismatic leader I will be a leader with a vision so that I can point my efforts to a certain direction. In my charismatic leadership style, I plan to attend brainstorming sessions, planning sessions, discussion sessions and meetings that are always held in the organization if I have the permission. Through this, I plan to learn leadership styles of other people and also the behavior of those who use the charismatic leadership style.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

Once in a while, I plan to volunteer to be the head of group efforts. I plan to try the different leadership techniques and decide which one is appropriate for me. I plan to be an active contributor in meetings or any sessions held in the organization. I plan to give each and every person a chance to speak and share his or her opinions and ideas. I plan to comment on those who perform well or give reliable ideas and opinions. I plan to be a risk-taker in everything because trying is worth the efforts than being afraid of trying new ideas.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

I plan to be a leader who communicates not only through words, but also through body language. I plan to be a heroic leader by bringing out the potential in other people who have not recognized what they can do with their talents. I plan to be an inspiring and influential leader who: 1. Provides an appealing vision my followers 2. Communicates positively new sets of values 3. Modeling behaviors for the communicated values 4. Expression of dramatic behavior (Robbins and Judge 2010) I plan to maintain a positive attitude towards every aspect of life so that I can lead a happy life surrounded by happy and positive people.

I plan to be a reputable leader in the global market and ensure that customers are provided with the quality services they request for. To achieve my global leadership dream, I plan to follow the following plan: 1. Identify trustworthy local advisers 2. Understanding of global practices and laws which my organization will conform to 3. Adopting a purposeful behavior in the global market 4. Immerse myself into different cultures and learn how other people perceive me 5. Learning how different cultures make decisions and how they express values 6. Realization of the fact that any changes or challenges faced are opportunities and not obstacles

7. Remaining open to learning opportunities that will boost my cultural intelligence 8. Evaluating my leadership ability and how to improve some leadership skills 9. Realizing that my expectations and values are similar to those of other leaders in the same industry Being a leader is a challenging position, but I plan to surpass all challenges and prove to the whole world that I can be an effective leader in every activity that I do. I plan to have a reputation that will last for long. I plan to be a legend in the leadership role. References Robbins, P. S. & Judge, T. A. , (2010). Essentials of Organizational Behavior. London: PrenticeHall.Leadership Action Plan Essay.

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