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Midwifery Council Code of Conduct Essay

Midwifery Council Code of Conduct Essay

Plagiarism is ‘Copying another person’s written work and passing it off as your own’. Collins 1 999, IPPP) Falsifying is also ‘to change something to make it wrong or not real’. (Collins 1999, IPPP). This essay will discuss the numerous ways plagiarism and falsification can be perceived and revolves within healthcare and academic settings. Strickland K (2011) analyzes that plagiarism can be inadvertent, pressurized or can be done intentionally.Midwifery Council Code of Conduct Essay

Having limited time, plagiarism work is the easiest option.This is the commencement for academic dishonesty and bad professional practice. Nursing and Midwifery Council (NC) (2008) clarifies legalism is a professional offence within the Nursing and Midwifery council, which obliges the team to be ‘open and honest, to act with integrity and to provide a high standard of practice and care at all times’. Employers could take disciplinary action again nurses and midwifes if they do not abide to the code and pre-registration students can be transferred to the university practice committee.Kenny D (2007) as cited by Saunders EX. (1993) rationalizes that pre-registered nursing students training to enter this profession are prevalent to the nurse- attain relationship, were reliability, sincerity and integrity is needed. Therefore it is vital that nursing educators devote to constructing a tradition of honesty and professionalism provable all the way through academically and the beginning of training.Midwifery Council Code of Conduct Essay


Shoo D (n. D) justifies medical records are observed as exceptionally personal documents.They are intended to be kept accurate as they have various ethical and legal issues enclosing them. Precise documentation is compulsory for patient’s protection because it imitates vital clinical and health data. When communications are falsified or failure to document could lead patient’s health into danger. Untruthfulness information breaches the profession trust on the public. These causes lose within the professions integrity and patients possibly will be timid for treatment within the service.

Detecting plagiarism at an early stage is imperative. Lectures are educated specifically on detecting plagiarism and are extremely accustomed in this field. Universities invest in software’s which supports the detection of plagiarism during the submission of any assignment. Loge R (2003) explains legalism detection and prevention is significant. Dishonesty, falsification are no more unsatisfactory at university than it would be in any healthcare setting, were patient are at their most vulnerable position.Anderson I (2008) goes into detail that students should be familiarized with the university referencing guidelines and should be offered writing skills workshops and seminars to help them develop on their essay writing. Contacting your lecturer, resolving problem and gaining advice at an early stage could be vital.

In conclusion, it is irrational when a student plagiarisms. Saunders (1993) elucidates that individuals who during his or her training did not gain training adequately lack knowledge and is incapable to practice proficiently.Midwifery Council Code of Conduct Essay

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