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My First Day in the Hospital Sample

My First Day in the Hospital Sample

Since childhood, I have always seen myself as a nurse. The sight of the suffering people has always triggered some sympathetic feelings in me. Often, the sight of the sick would make so uncomfortable that I always desired to help them.  Being a very inquisitive child, I would inquire about the conditions and go into the trouble of thinking about the solution to the problem. My passion for nursing manifested itself right from the childhood times when I would attend to my injured classmates and playmates when everyone else took to their heels at the mere sight of blood.My First Day in the Hospital Sample

As a trained nurse, I have great yet mixed expectations for the career as I believe it is a calling. Unlike other professionals who just work with an intention of making money, or due to lack of something else to do, nursing for me is a passion. My first day in the hospital would be so exciting, interactive, informative, embarrassing, frightening and a little bit confusing. Despite the practice sessions during training, nurses are most likely to be confused, excited, and eager to learn and interact with the hospital staff and the patients.


Just like other professionals, nurses have their own roles and responsibilities. With the quality training that I obtained in college, I believe I will be one of the best nurses in the world. With a full package of skills, rules and responsibilities, I am certain that my first day of working in the hospital will be successful. First, I will start by ensuring that I arrive at the work place earlier than everybody else. As a new professional, I will ensure that I am in the right attire and armed with all the nursing equipment.

Upon arrival in the hospital, it will normal that I report to the relevant authorities for orientation and assignment of roles. Stepping into the hospital will be a great experience as that will be the beginning of my journey in the nursing field. The first thing that day would probably be to rush to one of the wards and find out how the patients are doing, whether they have taken their medications or meals. This is because that is one of the roles of a trained nurse in the hospital. Nurses are responsible for the welfare of the patients, for instance, finding out whether their bedding has been changed, routine check-up has been done, whether they have been served with food and whether they have taken their medication.My First Day in the Hospital Sample

As a rule, all nurses are required to be dressed in the right uniform. Therefore, that is one of the issues I will put into consideration as that determines whether one is a qualified nurse or not. In attempt to prove that I am a qualified nurse, I will do my best to ensure that I attend to the patients well. Taking the doctor’s instructions is another responsibility of trained nurses therefore; I will have to work hand in hand with the doctor above me so that I perform my duties satisfactorily.

Another thing that is likely to happen in the hospital on my first day is meeting new people with different personalities. This might be a tricky experience since some people fail to corporate whenever they are being handled by strangers. To avoid freaking out, I will be forced to introduce myself to the staff and the patients in order to gain their confidence. Since first impression is very important in every organization, it will be very vital to great a good impression to the hospital so as to ease my work in the hospital.

Nonetheless, it possible that my first day is likely to be very confusing because of the new environment, people and work. To begin with, getting used to the new environment is cumbersome in that I will need to learn a lot of things. It is hard to find one’s way in a new place, especially if it is new hospital. There is a possibility of getting into the wrong ward rooms due to unfamiliarity of the place. Because of confusion, it is possible that I will end up attending to the unintended patients.My First Day in the Hospital Sample

Despite the excitement of practicing my nursing skills in the hospital, there are mostly likely to be a lot of delays in the process of carrying out my duties in the hospital. This is because of the amount of time that I will take in trying to locate places within the hospital. Furthermore, the confusion might water down the excitement because of the delays and frustrations. Because all the doctors will not be aware that I am a new nurse might feel agitated with me because of the delays, mistakes and errors.

My first experience in the hospital will also be very informative. This is because I will certainly meet different doctors, nurses and patients. Since the staff is already experienced, it will be a great opportunity for me learns a lot of things in medical field. For instance, working with the experienced nurses will be very beneficial since they will train me a lot. It will be a chance for me to learn how to handle different types of patients in the hospitals.

Moreover, it will be a golden opportunity to learn how to use the hospital equipment and facilities. Working hand in hand with the hospital staff will be so informative that I will enjoy my work in the hospital. New experience in the hospital is also informative in that I get to know many types of health conditions and their medication. Working in the hospital will also help me as a new staff to learn about different personalities and how to handle them.

Every new experience is a source of learning. For example, checking and recording the patients’ progress is a new and highly informative experience for a new nurse in the hospital. For example, it will be so resourceful to attend to a variety of casualties and observe how doctors and other nurses attend to them. Consequently, such situations will give me a chance to put my acquired skills into practice. What is more, the first experience in the hospital will help me observe how the hospitals operate, hence preparing me for the job ahead.My First Day in the Hospital Sample

Besides, my first time in the hospital as a nurse is likely to be very interactive. This is because I will meet a wide range of people across different, political, religious and cultural lines. Since hospital staff and the patients are from different communities, they have different beliefs, opinions, views and ideas about life.  The fact that I will be taking care of will allow me to interact with them and hear their views on many aspects of life. It will be very interesting to interact with the other staff members and see how they handle their patients, and different views on the different health conditions.

The experience will also be very scaring especially if I watch patients dying. It is possible that such a sight will make run away from the room because of fear especially if I am left alone in the intensive care unit or in the general wards. It could also be quite interesting in that I might be asked to work in the theatre with some doctors. It will be thrilling to watch the doctors operate on patients and watch the patients regain there consciousness.


Another frightening incidence that might be take place in my first day in the hospital is the experience with the mortuary. It is very possible that I will be asked to accompany the doctors to the mortuary. That will be a very horrible experience to me because in college, students do not access the mortuaries regularly. It is also possible that I will leave the hospital a much shaken individual because of the day’s ordeal. This reaction might even create a negative impression of me to the hospital stuff who might even scold me for incompetence.My First Day in the Hospital Sample

Additionally, my first day in the hospital as a nurse might also cause a lot of embarrassment because of confusion, fear and lack confidence. The sight of the injured patients might frighten me to leaving them unattended. This might call for disciplinary action as my action would be against the codes of ethics in nursing. Besides, this will discourage many patients who, in turn, might lose confidence in the hospital staff. This will also injure my reputation since it will affect the people’s perspective about me.

What is more, some patients might not be willing to receive my attention as I might look nervous and strange to them. As a result, this might discourage me from the field and even cause most of the patients to question my competence in nursing. Therefore, my first day in the hospital a nurse might be scaring, embarrassing, exciting, informative and interactive. All these uncertainties trigger a lot of curiosity about the day in me.My First Day in the Hospital Sample

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