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NR 707 :Discussion Essay Assignment Paper

NR 707 :Discussion Essay Assignment Paper

NR 707 Week 1 Discussion Question

As a DNP leader it is imperative to practice nursing in a way to set high examples. I plan to serve as a framework to deliver exceptionally quality care and exhibit evidence-based practice.

NR 707 Week 2 Discussion Question 

How have you demonstrated your role as a healthcare system leader in your current position? How do you anticipate integrating this role into your current or future career? NR 707 :Discussion Essay Assignment Paper

NR 707 Week 5 Discussion Question

Discuss what you learned about presentation from your readings this week. How will you incorporate what you learned about best practices for PowerPoint and professional presentations in your future presentations?

NR 707 Week 1 Discussion
NR 707 Week 6 Discussion Question 

Select and share with us which journal you will submit a manuscript about your DNP scholarly project. Develop a query letter to the editor of the journal you have selected and paste it into this collaborative discussion. The query letter should include: the article idea including its focus, an abstract and outline, length of paper, target date for submission, background of all authors and their qualifications to write on the subject, and the topic’s relevance to nursing today. Also, include a link to the author guidelines for the selected journal. 


NR 707 Week 7 Discussion Question 

Have you ever applied for a grant for scholarship activities? Do you have an idea for a grant application, perhaps to extend the work you started in you DNP scholarly project? Investigate grant opportunities that match your scholarship interests and share with us what you have found. NR 707 :Discussion Essay Assignment Paper

NR 707 Week 1 Discussion
NR 707 Week 8 Discussion Question 

The collaborative discussion for this week is focused on reflection on DNP competencies as described in the AACN Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice. NR 707 :Discussion Essay Assignment Paper

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