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Osteoporosis Case Study Paper

Osteoporosis Case Study Paper
Hilda Smith, who had osteoporosis, sustained a hip fracture because of a fall in her home. After 5 nights in an acute care hospital, she is admitted to a SNF where she spends 16 days for rehabilitation, nursing care, and assistance with ADLs. The patient is then discharged to her own home where a physical therapist from a home health agency comes in to train her to use a walker and build strength. Osteoporosis Case Study Paper.
After being at home for 25 days, Mrs. Smith develops deep venous thrombosis (blood clot in a vein) in her thigh (related to her fall) and is admitted to the hospital, from where she is transferred to a SNF after spending 2 nights in the hospital. Assuming that Mrs. Smith meets Medicare criteria for the services described here, how many days of SNF care is Mrs. Smith entitled to during her most recent stay (assume that she qualifies for the full 100 days)? How much in deductibles and copayments does Mrs. Smith have to pay (use 2014 figures given in the text)? Osteoporosis Case Study Paper

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