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Regulation of Business and Greater Democracy Essay.

Regulation of Business and Greater Democracy Essay.

Assignment: Regulation of Business and Greater Democracy
Utilize the Topic 6 Readings to create a PowerPoint presentation of five to six slides on the Progressive Era. Be sure to cite and reference all sources.Regulation of Business and Greater Democracy Essay.
Include slide notes in your presentation slides. Additionally, include a title, introduction and reference slide(s), which do not count toward five to six slide total.
Evaluate how each of the following topics was influenced by the Progressive Movement and the lasting impact each had on American Society (100-125 words each topic in the slide notes):

Regulation of Business
Greater Democracy
Rise of Professionalism

Use a minimum of three of the sources provided to support your assignment and be sure to cite the sources

Reflections on Treatment Options
Prior to beginning work on this journal, please read Chapter 13 in History and Philosophy of Psychology. This journal invites you to engage in creative thinking regarding the future potential for non-evidence-based treatments. Research one of the non-evidence-based treatments from the Chung (2012) e-book, summarize views of this treatment within its historical context, and relate these views to at least one modern theoretical perspective on psychopathology. Devise a strategy for transforming the non-evidence-based treatment into an evidence-based treatment by integrating a specific psychological theory with new or existing research.Regulation of Business and Greater Democracy Essay.
There are no explicitly wrong or right answers for this journal entry. Your journal will be graded based on whether or not you provide a substantive and thoughtful supported by existing literature.Regulation of Business and Greater Democracy Essay.

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