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The History and Career Outlooks of Geriatric Nursing Essay.

The History and Career Outlooks of Geriatric Nursing Essay.
The important role of becoming an aged nurse is to learn perseverance, manage health, and recover. As a person, you are thinking to look after the elderly, such as observing families, friends, neighbors. As an elderly nurse, you will be a health care provider. Nursing staff provides primary care services directly to the elderly. The nurse should receive education on the process of the disease. They should know risk factors, signs and symptoms, general care, rehabilitation and hospice care.The History and Career Outlooks of Geriatric Nursing Essay.
The elderly medical care geriatrics is a sincere career that allows you to connect with patients. Gerontology is a nurse who focuses on care of the elderly who is working in the field of gerontological medicine. I strongly recommend this occupation because elderly people are most likely to need medical services. Most hospitalized patients are over 65 years old, and only 1% are nurses who are accredited for elder care. Education of elderly nurses is to understand and treat physical and mental health … The philosophy of care is to express and express compassion, respect, dignity and honesty to patients and colleagues, professionals’ occupations is. Nursing is more than just a profession and is intertwined with the way we think, the way to make decisions, and the way to prioritize value. As a nurse, I have to offer the best quality of care to provide a good healing environment and work with them while achieving excellent patient outcomes.The History and Career Outlooks of Geriatric Nursing Essay.
Do you want to help others? Are you looking for a profession with a chance? A career as a nurse may be perfect for you. According to the Career Prospect Handbook of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses (RN) constitute the largest medical profession with 2.84 million jobs. Between 2016 and 2026, RN is expected to create about 423,000 new jobs, which is the biggest among all occupations. Jen Malecha is a nurse at Twin Cities and has experience in this field for nearly five years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Minnesota, a two-year degree in nursing at Invar Hills Community College and currently works at Twin Cities’ large hospital.The History and Career Outlooks of Geriatric Nursing Essay.
After acquiring a bachelor ‘s degree and passing the entrance examination, the nurse is eligible to continue working in elderly care, pediatric care, medical surgery, regional medicine, psychiatric care and nursing education. After graduation, these people are mainly responsible for nurse education and medical department management. The program period is five years. Currently, 150 people graduate from the master course each year. After passing the entrance examination, the nurse obtains a master ‘s degree and is eligible to continue doctor’ s degree in nursing. The course lasted four years, and graduates mainly work in the education research department. Currently 20 graduates each year.The History and Career Outlooks of Geriatric Nursing Essay.

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