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Well-Being Action Plan Discussion Paper

Well-Being Action Plan Discussion Paper

Develop an action plan for increasing well-being in your life by addressing the following:


Identify at least four areas of potential personal growth and create strategies for self-improvement in these areas.  Well-Being Action Plan Discussion Paper
For each of the four areas you select, describe the change you would like to make and the strategy you would use to achieve your goal. For example, you may seek greater concordance between your professional life and your personal characteristics. Self-concordant goals have been shown to increase well-being. To meet this goal, you may need to pursue education in a particular area, become a volunteer at a particular agency, increase networking efforts with people in your field of interest, etc. This is but one example of a strategy for increasing well-being. Many others are presented in your textbook
Spend some time considering how you can move closer to ‘life above zero.’ Be sure that the goals you select (for example, increased physical activity) have been shown through research to be associated with greater levels of reported well being. Well-Being Action Plan Discussion Paper

Submit a 10-slide power-point that summarizes your action plan.
Include detailed written speaker notes – you cannot pass this assignment without the notes section completed
Format your Well-Being Action Plan presentation consistent with APA guidelines  Well-Being Action Plan Discussion Paper

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