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Working of Hormones Research Paper

Working of Hormones Research Paper

How hormones work.1. What role do hormones play in homeostasis?The role of hormones in homeostasis is essential to overall health. Getting regular exercise and eating right can help keep all natural processes within the body intact.Working of Hormones Research Paper Without healthy hormone regulation of various processes, the body is more vulnerable to disease.

2. Name and describe three glands in the human body. 1. Thyroid gland – Stimulates and maintains metabolic processes. 2. Parathyroid glands – Raises blood calcium levels 3. Pancreas – Lowers or raises blood glucose levels appropriately.

3. Why is the hypothalamus the master control over endocrine glands? – It is the pain control center of the endocrine system. It receives information from nerves about the internal condition of the body and about the external environment. It then responds by sending out appropriate neural or endocrine signals Working of Hormones Research Paper

4. What are endorphins?They are another kind of anterior pituitary hormone, are the body’s natural painkillers; mask the perception of pain. Sometimes called the “runners high”

5. Use this diagram to describe how insulin and glucagon maintain sugar balance in the blood.


6. What is the role of the hypothalamus in glucose metabolism?

7. What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? Type 1 is insulin dependent, Type 2 can be controlled with diet and exercise

8. What are the parts of the male reproductive system?Penis, testes, scrotum, epididymis vas deferens and seminal vesicles, prostate and urethra. (p.373)Working of Hormones Research Paper

9. What do seminiferous tubules and vas deferens do?The seminiferous tubules are where sperm cells develop inside the testes. They are coiled tubes. The vas deferens is a duct that they travel through

10. What are the parts of the female reproductive system?Vagina, clitoris, ovaries, oviduct, uterus, endometrium , cervix

11. Where does fertilization of the egg occur and where does the egg go after fertilization?It is possible that if the egg is to be fertilized, and sperm is present; it may take place in the upper part of the oviduct.Working of Hormones Research Paper It is implanted in the endometrium.

12. What is an ovary? An oviduct? And oviduct is another word for fallopian tube. An ovary is the site of gamete production.

13. How do hormones, the pituitary and the hypothalamus gland maintain reproductive system homeostasis?


14. What are the most effective means of contraception?Abstinance

15. Describe the process of fertilization of the egg by the sperm. The sperm approaches and then contacts the jelly coat that surrounds the egg The acrosome in the sperm’s head releases a cloud of enzymes that digest a hole in the jelly. This allows the sperm head to fuse its plasma membrane with that of the egg. Fusion of the two membranes makes it possible for the sperm nucleus to enter the cytoplasm of the egg. Fusion also triggers completion of meiosis II in the egg. Furthermore, contact of sperm with egg triggers a change in the egg’s plasma membrane that makes it impenetrable to other sperm cells.Working of Hormones Research Paper This ensures that the zygote that is forming contains only the diploid number of chromosomes. The Chromosomes of the egg and sperm nuclei are eventually enclosed in a single diploid nucleus. In the diploid zygote, the eggs metabolic machinery awakens from dormancy and gears up in preparation for the enormous growth and development that will soon follow

16. What are the major events of each of the three trimesters in pregnancy?1st Trimester – Brain and spinal cord begin to take shape has four stumpy limb buds, a short tail and gill pouches. 2nd Trimester – Complete eyebrows and eyelashes. Arms, legs fingers and toes have lengthened. It has fingernails and toenails that are covered with fine hair. Fetal heartbeat is detectable. Mom can feel fetus moving at this time.Working of Hormones Research Paper By the end of this trimester, eyes are open and teeth are forming. 3rd Trimester – Circulatory and Respiratory system undergoes changes so that it can survive outside of the womb. Gains ability to regulate own temperature. Loses much of fine hair

17. What hormones are active at the time of childbirth?Oxytocin and prostaglandins

18. How is in vitro fertilization a solution to infertility?It ensures implantation or makes it easier for implantation and development. Sometimes the issue with infertility is that the man has a low sperm count. In vitro also ensures that the eggs are fertilized by the sperm which occurs in a petri dish.Working of Hormones Research Paper

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